Chic Strawberry Hair Colors to Steal Now

Being a hot trend of the season, strawberry blonde has already managed to capture ladies’ hearts. Popular celebrities are the best inspiration for all ladies out there. Some of the true strawberry icons are Amy Adams, Nicole Kidman, Sienna Miller and etc. Strawberry is a reddish blonde hue that looks pretty delirious in some of its variations. However before wearing any shade of strawberry blonde you need to take into consideration your skin tone and natural texture. This tone works really well on women with pale skin and freckles although women with warm skin tone also can experiment with this shade.Chic Strawberry Hair Colors to Steal NowStrawberry Blonde with Dark Black Roots

The gorgeous strawberry blonde color is contrasted by the visible roots. This is an incredible option for ladies who are looking for a low maintenance hair color. It is not necessary to visit hair salon pretty often since the dark roots are a part of the look. Just don’t take it too long, if of course, you don’t want to have a completely faded hair color. It is a sophisticated look for all occasions!

Soft Mermaid Hair Color Ideas for 2017

There is a mermaid look made for you regardless of your natural texture, hair color and skin tone. Well, you can pick contrasting shades or go colors that are from the same color family. Finally you can fulfill your dream and tailor the most unexpected and crazy shades right on your head. Expertly dyed mermaid hair is a matter of discussion. Below you will find some delicate versions of multi-tone pastels that are pretty inspiring. If you are ready then let’s move on and see the softest mermaid hair color ideas for 2017.Soft Mermaid Hair Color Ideas for 2017Rainbow Hair

The overall success of this look is based on a few key elements. Well, the hair has been dyed darker at the top. The colorist used various contrasting color and the grey tips perfectly tie all the shades together. However you can get this look in several ways: temporary hair dyes are great options they don’t damage the strands plus after washing your strands the rainbow shades will go away. Of course you can use preeminent dyes too but the risk is high so it will be better to consult with your colorist.

2017 Ash Blonde and Silver Hair Ombre Ideas

Compared with other ombres, the combination of ash blonde and silver is relatively new in hair industry. The celebrities’ colorists are busy popularizing this gorgeous trend all over the world. These muted colors make women dye their hair nearly grey. If you don’t have an idea how this ombre will look on your hair then you need to check out the pictures of ash blonde and silver hair ombres for 2017. These shades will definitely boost your confidence, since day by day they are becoming a strong trend.2017 Ash Blonde and Silver Hair Ombre IdeasAsh Blonde Strands with Dark Roots

There was a time, not too long ago when women used to dye their strands from the part where the natural roots started to showing off. Nowadays they embrace those roots which don’t look like grown out hair since the transition between the two colors is incredible. All women like the dark roots paired with the lovely blonde strands. So you can upgrade your look with this trendy ombre idea.

Cool Chunky Hair Highlights

Chunky hair highlights can certainly vary depending on the chosen combination of shades. Chunky highlights allow you to go for stunning wide contrasting accents although thin subtle babylights are not bad too, it is all about your preference. However the colorists do the highlights based on the appearance. Thin highlights are great to accentuate subtle features while the chunky highlights flatter big eyes and lips. Women with small face features should avoid wearing them. If you are looking for some cool highlights then these pictures will definitely give you some new ideas about highlights.Cool Chunky Hair HighlightsCaramel Chunky Highlights

This is one of the most fun looks that feature chunky highlights. To achieve a look like this you will need to apply caramel highlights. Apart from contrasting shades, the haircut is also important. As you see these highlights look great when paired with medium-length hair and blunt bangs. The overall combination creates an exotic top-notch look. This is a playful way to go!

New Winter Hair Colors for 2017

It is totally normal to change the hair color with a new coming season. Below you can see some other winter hair colors for 2017 that you will want to try out. It doesn’t matter you are looking for dark browns, icy blondes or hot red shades for winter; you always have a good choice. If you are willing to go for experiments but you are lack of inspiration then this pictures will definitely inspire you and give you new ideas of playing with various shades. Are you ready? Then, let’s move on!New Winter Hair Colors for 2017Strawberry Blonde Ombre

Warm and sunny strawberry is going to light the thing up and give the warmth on cloudy winter days. With a rich color like this you will never ever lose your mood. This particular design requires applying ash rosewood hue at the roots that perfectly fades into the warm strawberry blonde for a cute contrast. This color has even better look in real life.

New Ideas for Peek-a-boo Highlights for 2017

If you are looking a way to fresh up your hair while maintaining your natural shade then consider these new peek-a-boo highlights for 2017. You can add some unnatural colors throughout your strands without the need of all over bleach. These fun highlights update your hairdo without damaging the strands. Well, the peek-a-boo highlights can be placed on the bangs, sides or the back section. The best thing is that you can use your favorite shade -be that natural, unnatural, pastel or neon hue. With sparkling peek-a-boo colors you will just turn the heads.New Ideas for Peek a boo Highlights for 2017Strawberry Blonde Peek-a-boo Highlights

If you have a copper red shade then you can lighten it up with the help of strawberry blonde streaks. Just applying highlights is not enough; you should also know how to demonstrate them. You can show off your highlights by pulling the strands into a sumptuous half up half down hairdo. It is an elegant, classy and ultra-feminine headdress that is definitely worth to try.

Ash Blonde Hair Colors

It is a fact that blonde hair grabs a lot of attention regardless of the actual shade. The best thing about blonde is that it is really versatile and everyone has that opportunity to find something that flatters his/her skin complexion. Compared with other tints of blonde ash is a more muted tone but it is still capable to grab attention. Light ash blonde, medium ash blonde, natural ash blonde and dirty ash blonde are the most popular shades of ash blonde for highlighting your strands. Well, ash blonde is a high maintenance so it requires much care. Below you can find some inspirational images of ash blonde hair that will help you commit.    Ash Blonde Hair Colors      Ash Blonde Hair

This example proves that ash blonde can be ridiculously gorgeous when styled in a right way. Here long ash blonde strands are deeply side-parted and then swept off to one side. The waves that are placed throughout add a subtle and soft touch. This elegant and feminine headdress can be worn in formal sittings too. However, go for regular touchups to and use conditioners and hair products to keep your strands healthy.

New Auburn Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Whether you are planning to go for dark red or just add subtle auburn highlights, it is the best moment to do that. While wearing an auburn hue you will need to take into consideration some important facts such as your face complexion and natural hair color. Today hair market offers various rich shades that will definitely help you stand out of the crowd. If you are planning to become a redhead then check out these pictures of new auburn hair color ideas for 2017.   New Auburn Hair Color Ideas for 2017Soft Ginger

Yellow undertones in the red work great for fair skin complexions. This is one of the most favorite shades on the red carpet and it gains popularity among women with blue and green eyes. If you want to add some movement through your locks then simply curly the deep auburn tips of your strands. This color will never be outdated so if you like it, then go ahead with it.

Ideas for Magenta Hair Color for 2017

What kind of shade is it? Well, Magenta is a shade that involves blue or purple and red hues. The mix of these hues creates an incredible color such as magenta. It is a bold and unnatural shade so get ready for regular touchups. Magenta is not for those who are busy and don’t have time for their strands. There are so various shades to choose from, you can go for highlights since the magenta makes a perfect combination with other shades. Check out these ideas for magenta hair for 2017.   Ideas for Magenta Hair Color for 2017Bright Magenta Hair

Sometimes dying your strands a solid color may emphasize the thinness of your strands. Well, undoubtedly the magenta shade is just incredible but you can draw attention away from the thin hair by adding some texture. A fishtail braid can be the best salvation since it will create a visual interest plus it is a fantastic style to keep the hair out of the face.

Two-Tone Hair Color Ideas

Have you ever thought of rocking two-tone hair colors? The combination of two tones provides an incredible and sumptuous look. Modern trendy hair is always unique in color. Solid and natural shades are still in but in case if you are looking for a really chic and eye-catching hairstyle you will definitely need to add a bit subtle highlights in your strands. It doesn’t matter you are blonde, brunette or redhead since there are no rules you can chose whatever you want for your self-expression. Delicate pastel hues, neon colors, silver tones are available for all ladies, so check out these two tone hair colors and get inspired from.Two Tone Hair Color IdeasBlonde Balayage

Two-tone hair for blondes usually involves balayaged highlights throughout the head to get a natural shade. Actually this technique is used to add extra depth and dimension to the natural strands. Another plus is that freehand technique doesn’t take as much time as ombre. However this blonde balayage is an excellent choice for brunettes but they still need to take some bleaching sessions.