2017 Hair Color Ideas for Black Women

Recently we can see that many Afro-American women show willingness to experiment with various unnatural hues. They have a goal to break all those stereotypes about their dark skin tone. Whether you believe or not but they do it perfectly! The colors that they wear boost their self-confidence and make them stand out from the crowd. So this post is all about 2017 hair color ideas for black women. Just feast your eyes on these examples and get inspired from.2017 Hair Color Ideas for Black WomenBlack to Dark Blue

Well, it is a kind of bold look that is going to steal the spotlight. This gorgeous dark skinned woman is rocking black to vibrant blue ombre that displays her fierce and bold nature. We should admit that this color combination compliments her skin tone. However, you don’t need to go for sophisticated styling, since the waves will be more than enough to finish the look.

Chocolate Mauve Hair Color Trend

While women are still obsessed with pale pastels and eye-catching neons, the colorists are busy to popularizing another sweet shade such as chocolate mauve. This color trend will add a hint of summer’s pastels throughout a rich chocolate base. Well, pastel and bright hues are not for forever since one day you may get tired of wearing them. Compared with pastels chocolate mauve has a natural-looking appearance and it will definitely be the most favorite one among all brunettes.Chocolate Mauve Hair Color TrendChocolate mauve hair color involves some vibrant hues that are ready to liven up your monochrome and dull strands. This is a great option for fall and for any other season of the year. I am sure blondes also will show some interest pulling off this gorgeous color.

Hair Ideas for Red Ombre for 2017

Red ombre hair is a style that involves at least two color combination with red being one of the basic shades. This style is being adopted by women who want to add some vibrant touch to their lifeless hair. There are various options to sport red ombre, however your hairstyle is also important since it helps you to demonstrate your color combo. Need some inspiration? Check out the gorgeous red ombre hair ideas for 2017 that I have selected below.Hair Ideas for Red Ombre for 2017Red to Black Ombre

This is a great ombre solution that works well for all dark-haired women. It involves beautiful transitioning from a black top to a bright red at the bottom. It is a typical example of half up half down ombre style. The locks are beautifully layered and styled into waves to upgrade the whole look. Probably it is one of the best ways to wear red ombre style.

Dark Blonde Hair Ideas for 2017

Blondes, if you are looking for new ways to change your hair color and still have that title of being blonde you need to check out our article about dark blonde hair ideas for 2017. It is recommended painting your strands with darker hues for coming cold months. Sometimes it is really hard for light blondes to wear darker shades, but these examples will still let you be blonde. However darker blonde shades flatter almost all skin complexions, though it will be better to consult with your colorist before transformations.Dark Blonde Hair Ideas for 2017Dark Honey Blonde Hair

Dark honey blonde shade can be the best option for upgrading your light blonde strands. This dark honey blonde is going to be a fantastic color for winter. It works almost with all skin complexions, though it is better to wear it with darker roots. Style your strands into gorgeous waves to display the beauty of the combination of honey blonde and dark roots.

Best Hair Ombre Ideas to Wear

Ombre hair coloring technique is so popular both among celebrities and non-celebrities. You don’t have to keep your strands in monotone shades, since the ombre allows you to combine several tints to get a sophisticated look. There are ombre styles for all ladies out there. Whether you prefer a bold or natural looking ombre, you will definitely find something. While going for ombre, you don’t have to dye your hair fully, keeping the roots natural will provide with a unique headdress. Need some inspo? Have a look at the pictures represented below!Best Hair Ombre Ideas to WearBeige Blonde and Lilac Ombre

There is something attractive about this hairstyle and it is not only the cut. This hairdo entails from a light ash blonde to a white blonde ombre. For a special occasion you can even add lilac streaks to enhance the overall look of your headdress. Thus, this gorgeous model wears these shades on her bob haircut but you can sport it on your long strands too.  

Heavy Metal Hair Colors for 2017

Coming year is also going to be all about metal shades, since the celebrities continue to demonstrate their beautiful heavy metal hair colors for 2017. We are totally in love with these shades since they provide with a silky effect. However some of these trendy tones require bleaching, though some ladies are really ready to go for anything just to rock one of metal shades. Latest metal colors involve copper, rose gold, platinum blonde, silver and ronze tones. Go on reading to see how you can experiment with them.heavy metal hair colors for 2017Copper Hair

We are totally obsessed with all those colors Kylie Jenner wears. As she likes to experiment with various natural and unnatural shades “wings are must” to keep the locks healthy. However this copper shade is pretty catchy and if your colorist is professional, he/she will definitely advise to keep the roots darker to achieve a better look. This shade will help you to steal the spotlight.

2017 Trendy Hair Highlights by Celebrities

2017 celebrities’ hair highlights look even more sumptuous and stylish. Whether you believe or not but there are various options to brighten up your strands and highlights are the best. In upcoming season consider using babylights, chunky highlights, balayage, ribbon highlights, lowlights, frosted highlights and etc. These types of highlights are totally in trend and will provide you with a modern look. Highlights will never be outdated since they have a power to change our look drastically. However, highlights are perfect when you want to dye your virgin hair. You don’t need to go far, since you can find your next makeover inspiration among these celebrities.2017 Trendy Hair Highlights by CelebritiesRibbon Highlights

One of the biggest trends of the year is ribbon highlights that swirl down the hair with streaks of color. You could even for bright pastels or add blonde tone. It is up to you, however beautiful Jessica Alba applied caramel highlights to highlight her complexion. These highlights are great for wavy hair. So it is the best moment to spice up your look with some cool shades.

Blue Denim Hair Trends for 2017

2017 blue denim is one of those gorgeous avant-garde shades that are worth to try out. It is an unnatural tone but it’s so muted that ends up being totally wearable.  The most important thing is to know which denim shade is for you though there are tones available for all ladies out there. If you have cool skin complexion go for icy shades such as navy blue, silvery blue, sky blue, indigo, while yellow or olive skin wearers should consider warmer hues such as turquoise, mint and dark marine blue. However denim looks great with lots of texture, so you can play with various highlights and lowlights. The technique of getting it is up to you: balayage, ombre, sombre and etc.     Blue Denim Hair Trends for 2017Like various unnatural hair colors blue denim also requires lots of care so after coloring your strands consider using sulfate-free shampoos and hair masks that contain coconut oil. Before using hair tools, apply a heat-protecting spray. Your blue denim color will look better on healthy strands.

Top 5 Hair ColorTrends to Try Now

When it comes to hair color trends, you will never feel dull or bored, since there are many new techniques of coloring our strands. The main question that most of ladies give is “which trends are going to be next?” Well, trends can start from people on the street wearing an eye-catching look that others want to replicate it. I always think that whatever suits you is trendy, since there are super fashionable pastel hues that are not for all. So you need to take something that works well with your skin tone and eye color.  Top 5 Hair ColorTrends to Try NowGrey- Pink Hair

Well, we have started to see much of blue-gray, violet-gray and pink grey tones. It seems all of us love these muted tones. The hair specialist explain it by saying that it is all about natural progression as women get bored but they don’t want to go too far from their natural hair color. Apart from having a unique and sumptuous hair color, this model also has an incredible wavy texture that helps to bring out the beauty of the color melt.

Rainbow Roots: New Trend for 2017

“New day, new color” if you like to play this game, then you will also like the hair trend that I am going to represent you. This new hair color trend for 2017 is all about rainbow roots. Whether you believe or not but it doesn’t require full coloring, since you just need to tint the roots. There are various options to go for: if you are a bold girl, then adding different shades of rainbow at the same time will be pretty exciting. The color of the roots and the rest of hair will create a beautiful contrast and grace you with a unique hairdo.Rainbow Roots New Trend for 2017Blonde Hair with Pink Roots

If you have decided to upgrade your platinum blonde locks with pastel hues, then be careful about the choice of pastels, since not all tones work well with blonde. Actually the colorists recommend going for light pastel like the one you see here. The pink roots and platinum blonde create a gorgeous contrast and make the wearer stand out. With these incredible roots you will never go wrong.