Top Partial Balayage Hair Highlights for 2018

Balayage highlights are being applied differently. Recently we can see a growing tendency of rocking partial balayage highlights. These highlights are placed only to specific areas instead of throughout the entire head. Here I have selected top partial balayage highlights for 2018. If you need to upgrade your hair color without a huge commitment, these highlights are for you. They flatter any shade and skin tone. Go on reading to see more.partial hair highlights for 2018Loose Waves and Partial Highlights 

Use partial hair highlights to take your hairstyle a notch higher. The best thing is that it is a low maintenance hairstyle that requires bleaching only the ends on the top layer of the strands. These locks are bleached to place a little bit lighter balayage highlights. Indeed, the difference between the shades is more than visible but it is still subtle and feminine. 

Beautiful Ombre Hair Colors for 2018

This incredible trend shows no sign of leaving. Here we have gathered some cool ideas to take your next salon appointment. Ombre can be created using different hair colors- from bold pastels to solid shades. It depends on your preferences. Actually, ombres require bleaching your locks for applying the lighter shade. Ombres use more than one tone. Here are ombre hair colors for 2018. Check out these pictures and find the best options for yourself.Beautiful Ombre Hair Colors for 2018Sombre Hair Color

This ombre hair color is great for everyone that panics about making big changes. The lightness of the tips is just incredible. This ombre proves that you can create a striking look without bleaching most of the hair. The key to this look is seamlessly blended shades that require some professionalism. Get it for yourself and breath new life to your locks.

Best Sombre Hair Colors for 2018

It is a sombre or soft ombre that can be adopted by everyone. Sombre makes the color look more natural and delicate. Any hair color works great when done in a sombre pattern. The key to an excellent sombre hair color is perfectly blended shades. The real sombre should be out of harsh lines. Here I have collected best sombre hair colors for 2018 to give you a better idea on how a real sombre looks like. Take picture of the sombre that you love.sombre hair colorsBlonde Sombre

If you are looking for a color combo that will show off the perfection of blonde sombre, no need to go further. Below we have included a great blonde sombre that requires using balayage technique for the best of effect. The blonde shades have been hand painted to get a sombre hair color like this. However, it is recommended keeping roots darker.

Dirty Blonde Hair Colors for 2018

Dirty blonde is a mix of brown and blonde tones. This hair color stands out because of its brilliance in versatility. Be that a darker or lighter shade of dirty blonde you are bound to make a statement. Actually, dirty blonde is a favorite hair color both among brunettes and blondes. Those, who can’t commit between these two shades, just need to consider blending them for a brand-new hair color. Regardless of your natural texture, hair color or skin tone, you need to see these outstanding dirty blonde hair colors for 2018dirty blonde hair colorsLight Dirty Blonde 

Let’s start from a lighter shade of dirty blonde that is simply irresistible. This light dirty blonde shade has been paired with ashy tones for a color that is more interesting and catchy. A lovely braided hairstyle has been done to create a  sophisticated hair look. When you have a hair color like this, any hairstyle is going to look great on you. Make sure to finish the headdress with flowers for a fairy like style.

Celebrity Inspired Blonde Hair Colors for 2018

Blonde hair colors are undoubtedly luxurious. A single shade of blonde can refresh the entire face-performing as an illuminator for eyes and the skin. When it comes to finding a right blonde hair color for you, keep in your mind that it is about balance. Here we have included celebrity inspired hair colors for 2018 that you need to see before your next salon appointment.Blonde Hair ColorCaramel and Copper Highlights

Caramel and copper tones are gathered to create a sophisticated hair color for all blonde out there. The mix of the hues works quite well on blonde tresses. Indeed, blonde is a perfect transitional season shade and it is worth trying. Talk with your hair colorist to know whether this hair color is for you or not. If you are already blonde it is a great shade to update it.

Pink Hair Colors for 2018

Pink hair color is the popular choice of trendsetters and beauty bloggers. Several years ago, not many women would be willing to switch up this shade, now pink is the most favorite hair color among ladies. Those who have been brave enough to go for pink, they have always been in the center of attention. If you are also thinking of jumping into pink bandwagon, you need to see these outstanding pink hair colors for 2018. I am sure you will find something for hair colorsPastel Pink Hair Color

This pastel pink shade is achieved on long straight hair. Fine hair type brings out the beauty of unconventional shade. I should admit that pastels are a lot easier to get on finer hair because it is faster to bleach. A pastel pink shade makes the design delicate and subtle. Go for regular touchups to keep your pink fresh and subtle. It is the most feminine shade you may get.

Auburn Hair Colors to Try in 2018

Redhead ladies always grabbed attention. Be that a vibrant red or a dark auburn, they have always made a fashion statement. Having red hair is just amazing. Today we have included auburn hair colors for 2018 that can be copied by everyone. Auburn is a great shade when you want to rock a red hair color but not ready to go for a big commitment. It is neither too light nor too dark. Using an auburn tone, you may create an excellent reddish brown hair color. Pass through our article and find the best hair color options for you.auburn hair colorsChocolate Caramel and Auburn

When three sophisticated hair colors are being gathered, you are guaranteed to get the most incredible hair color ever. These tones are great for mixing. Indeed, if you opt for this color combo, you will not see many women wearing the shade like this. However, the most beautiful thing about this hair color is that it looks super natural. So, go ahead with it and make a fashion statement.

Sophisticated Plum Hair Colors

If you have decided to paint your locks in a sophisticated hue of plum, you may find your inspiration right among these gorgeous pictures. When it comes to the sub-tones of plum, there is no limitations really. First of all, you need to commit between light and dark tones and only after that choose a shade that flatters your skin tone. Below I have put together some sophisticated plum hair colors for women with different complexions. Go on reading and find something according your nature and texture.plum hair colorsBalayage Plum Hair Color

Balayage technique works great for unconventional hair colors as well. This plum is the best proof of my words. When achieved through balayage, plum looks ultra-natural. In the following style a deep brunette or a rich dark chestnut is used as a base color and it gets lighter plum while softening the entire look. It is the coolest hair color you may opt to spice up your look.

Bombshell Blonde Balayage Hair Colors for 2018

Balayage is an extremely fabulous technique that provides with ultra-natural effect and looks great even after growing out. The greatest thing is that the technique is literally for everyone. You have an opportunity to customize every shade to your wish. However, today we have prepared some bombshell blonde balayage hair colors for 2018 that you will definitely love. If you want to go blonde, just don’t hesitate to rock one of these balayage blonde hair colors.blonde hair colorsRose Gold Balayage

Let’s start our list with golden hues. It is a strawberry blonde hue that you can achieve by mixing light red and golden blonde. The results are truly mind-blowing. But you may also give a metallic sheen to your locks. Balayage is the right technique for applying these tones. Indeed, for this particular look you will need to find a right hair colorist. Rose gold is a great shade that complements an array of skin tone.

Recent Hair Colors by Kylie Jenner

Like always Kylie impresses us with her new bold hair colors. She never fears to transform from one edgy style to another. She is the most popular master of transformations. In a week she can rock two or three different shades. Indeed, we love that. She is a great source of inspiration for those who are not ready for commitment. Kylie has a professional team of hairstylists that know how to make any hairstyle look great on her. The thing that you should know is that she uses wigs and extensions pretty often. Changing a hair color so frequently may cause serious damages. Read forward to see recent hair colors by Kylie colorsPlatinum Blonde Hair 

We can never forget Kylie Jenner’s look on Met Gala. She attended it with a sleek platinum bob that was an avant-garde glam. She one more time proved that transforming from dark brunette to light blonde is not a big deal for her. She looked like a Barbie Doll. A lot of females tried to imitate Kylie Jenner’s iconic look from Met Gala, now it is your turn to rock it with an eye-catching bob like this.