Soft Lilac Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Lilac hair comes in numerous shades included purple, violet and lavender. It is an exquisite hue that is associated with love and emotion. There are countless ways to experiment with this color. The incredible versatility of lilac creates an attractive mixture with many other shades and provides you the best looks ever. It is not surprising that smoky lilac has been mentioned as one of the sexiest hair color of the year. In this article I am going to point out the softest lilac hair colors for 2017.Soft Lilac Hair Color Ideas for 2017Edgy Pink and Lilac

Could you imagine that a blend of pink and lilac is going to look so attractive? It will add more dimension in short and medium-length hair. Here the colorist used a balayage technique to give a sophisticated and delicate look. The locks have been styled into a bob cut that is spiced up with lots of waves. This shade looks really incredible in medium length hair.

Eye-Catching Yellow Hair Colors for 2017

Yellow hair rocks and it is perfect for any lady who wants to get something different with pastel hints. Instead of going for the typical blonde or brown shades it is a great idea to opt for one of the shades of yellow and create a design which will be hardly visible on others. You will never go wrong with 2017 shades of yellow. All you need is to give your strands a good chop and then using a modern coloring technique get a top notch hairstyle. In case if you are looking to upgrade your look, just check out these pictures of yellow-head ladies.Eye Catching Yellow Hair Colors for 2017Deep Yellow Roots

All you know about yellow shade is its brightness but there are many ways to break the brightness. Here you can see that the design has some dark roots for some contrast you can even introduce subtle hints of pink on the ends. It is a style to make a new statement.

Catchy Red Hair Highlights for Fall

All variations of auburn colored hair are perfect to wear in fall. The attractive shades of red are not only a bold statement, pairing them  with various muted hues of colors from caramel to copper red works perfect in complimenting your natural skin tone. You can add highlights or use any other technique to get different types of hair colors and hairstyles that suits your personality. Here you can find the most gorgeous examples of delicately used shades of red.Catchy Red Hair Highlights for FallChestnut Waves with Red Tips

Turn your golden waves into charming bold hair by touching the tips of the locks with a hint of chic copper highlights. The sombre technique creates a more subtle transition and a more tempting color. The eye-catching contrast created by chestnut blonde waves and the red hair tips work well with fair skin tone.

Flattering Sandy Blonde for 2017

Brunettes who haven’t experimented with blonde yet need to go lighter and after doing that they will want to try out sandy blonde for 2017 but please don’t mistaken sandy blonde with sandy brown because these shades are totally different. Actually sandy blonde involves numerous of tints from super blonde colors to dark and beige so there is a hue available for everyone. Right now the hottest trend is to combine the shades for an ombre or use balayage technique to get a better color. Sandy blonde tint is super for any length and looks amazing with beach waves which are also trendy at the moment. Let’s have a look at some sandy blonde hair out there.Flattering Sandy Blonde for 2017Bombshell Blonde

Here you can see a model who perfectly demonstrates a beautiful color palette. If you are fascinated too, ask your stylist to combine similar blonde shades to get this look. The roots have been tinted into an earthy brown color which has been blended into a beige blonde with sandy blonde streaks on the sides and tips.

10 Hottest Hair Colors for Blondes for 2017

Blondes have so many ways to rock the coolest shades. Since blonde is a light tone females don’t need to go for bleaching in order to try out the most incredible shades like metallic pastels or rainbow hues. Today we are not going to talk about extreme hair tints but you are going to see 10 hottest hair colors for blondes for 2017. Check them out and upgrade your blonde hair.10 Hottest Hair Colors for Blondes for 2017Vanilla Blonde

If you want to go baby blonde be prepared to get the following result. The celebrities’ colorists advise touching ups the roots every week to keep your hair fresh and shiny. Well, if you are going to a hair salon, ask your colorist for a bright hue with pale highlights because bleaching is not the best decision you can make.

Flattering Red Shades For Every Skin Tone

When it comes to red shades you have variety of choices. Several years ago there was a myth like red tints can be taken only by women with fair skin tones. But I am here to make everything clear. I have found a wide range of gorgeous reds for a wide range of complexions. If you want to go red then check out the following red hair colors for all skin tones.Flattering Red Shades For Every Skin ToneBright Orange-Red for Fair Skin Tone

When you have the most beautiful porcelain skin tone you need to accentuate it with a right hair color. Juicy auburn is going to create an incredibly beautiful contrast. Probably carroty or juicy auburn doesn’t sound as sweet as it looks but with a super pale skin it is going to be too appealing. This beautiful shades light up the face and makes features stand out. Colorists recommend keeping the length of hair in mind while choosing bright orange-red shade.

2017 Bronde Hair Color Trend By Celebs

It is neither blonde nor brunette; it is something between these two shades. Incredible bronde trend is flattering on everyone and has a natural look. Actually bronde is a perfect hair color for brunettes who want to explore lighter shades in their hair without going fully blonde. As I have said it is something between blonde and brown tones. The mix of light brown shade with subtle blonde highlights appears to be a perfect golden and honey toned hair that is pretty eye-catching. 2017 bronde hair color is a popular choice among celebs too. Look at these celebrities below and get inspired.2017 Bronde Hair Color Trend By CelebsSince this trend provides a range of tonalities in color you will not be left with just a chestnut brown hair. It is the best way to add a dimension and depth into dark locks. Bronde is a rather a multi-tonal hair color than a mix of two basic shades. The bronde is really easy to get for brunettes and it is great for them to introduce some cool colors however when you try to place darker shades into blonde hair it will look heavy.

2017 Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

 Blonde tints are gorgeous on any shape. When it comes to blonde you need to consider some factors before going for it. Some women don’t go blonde because of frequent root touch ups. It is not a big deal anymore because you don’t really need to hide the grown out dark portions on your hair. This concern is no longer taboo so you don’t need to conceal them. In fact dark roots paired with blonde shade are acceptable everywhere. We are going to offer you 2017 blonde hair color with dark roots that will help you to look sassy but well-groomed until the next hair color treatment.blonde hair with dark roots for 2017The two-tone trend makes dark roots in blonde hair completely acceptable. Maybe several years ago it was not OK to show hair near the roots which have grown out in a different color, but nowadays it is considered to be a trendy style. This fact made two-toned hair colors a popular choice for those who don’t want to tint their hair frequently. I assure you this ombre will look great until the next hair color treatment.

Warm Hair Colors for Fall

Eye-catching red, brown and yellow shades inspire us to opt for warm hair colors for fall. The most pleased shades are golden blonde, coppery reds, hazelnut brown hair colors. We are going to show off the pictures of models that simply rock rich warm colors. While choosing a hair color even a single thing can be inspiring. Warm tones require a proper skin tone and right haircut.sandy brown hair color for 2017Warm Hair Colors: Reddish Brown

We associate reddish brown hair with glorious autumn colors. The glow and color of this model’s hair remind us of chestnut. Females who have cool skin tone and brown eyes with this reddish-brown hair color is going to bring out the beauty of your eye color and emphasize your skin tone.

Sandy Brown Hair Color 2017

Dear brunettes, today is your day because we are going to speak about sandy brown hair color for 2017. If you have pretty dark hair then it is the best moment to upgrade your look with a fresh hair color. Sandy brown is a light hair color that involves brown and blonde hues. Girls, who cannot commit between blonde and brown shades, may consider sandy brown hair since it is the mixture of these two tones. Babes with this color may have medium brown shade as the dominant color with lighter section of strands. They can also have light brown hair without any effects such as highlights.warm hair colors for fallSandy brown is not technically considered blonde shade but it is described as dark blonde. This is particularly true for those who spend a lot of time in the sun which results light streaks that lighten the overall look of hair color. I am sure many girls would like to have those sun-kissed strands. The shimmer of sun-kissed hair is so catchy and attractive.