Burgundy Hair Color For 2017

Burgundy offers the most incredible shades which will help you to make a new statement. Versatile burgundy comes in various tones: from dark and subtle to more vibrant and bright. Actually burgundy shade belongs to the family of red color that involves some purple tints. The effect of burgundy depends on the base of your natural hair. It is going to be a perfect offer for dark-haired women who want to add depth and dimension to their locks. In case if you plan to play with this dark shade, check out 2017 burgundy hair color ideas and find an inspiration for you.burgundy hair color for 2017Burgundy Hair Color for Dark Hair

If you have dark brown or black hair it will not be easy to achieve burgundy shade because it has a tendency to come out too subtle on dark hair. Girls face with this problem particularly when they use a shop bought hair dyes. There is no need to light up your hair before wearing this shade because bleaching will make you end up as a blonde and your burgundy will turn into a violet or purple hue.

10 Black Hair Color Ideas

Let’s go back to the most natural and elegant color… black. This shade is for women who are stable in their decision. Even if we always talk about multi-tone hair colors, rainbow shades, ombres and dip dyes, we shouldn’t forget that there is a group of women who prefer natural dark hues in a solo style. Wearing your hair black requires semi-permanent or permanent hair dyes and proper root management. If you think that you have nothing to do with your black hair let me go against you and say that even dark shades require maintaining.  10 Black Hair Color Ideas

The majority part of folks in the world has black hair. In spite of this fact black still has its own magic and therefore attracts attention. Regardless your original hair color applying permanent deep-black dyes will turn every single strand into a deep-black. A black masterpiece requires keeping the hair shiny and free of visible roots. By the way you need to put some efforts to keep your black strands shiny and fresh.

Split-Dyed Hair Trend For 2017

2017 split-dyed hair will inspire you to bring the ombre back. Two-tone hair continues to step up a notch this season too. Since multi-tonal hair don’t show any sign of going away, I offer you to take a risk and try out some extreme hair colors. Split-dyed hair is what you need to make a statement. This technique involves dyeing the hair on the either sides of your head in two different colors. Sounds interesting, no? Can you imagine yourself walking down the street with hair like this? Undoubtedly you are going to fetch attention. If it is what you are looking for, consider getting your hair split-dyed even right now!split dyed hair trend for 2017Since 2017 is also going to be a year of colorful hair trends, “the half and half” hair coloring technique will be in the center of attention. The most radiant shades from metallic silver to pastels, to pixilated dye job and plus “half and half” or split-dyed hair are still dream for ladies who fear to have a bold look. I have already mentioned that split-dyed hair is all about two different shades done on both sides of your head.

Babylights: New Hair Trend for 2017

New hair color trend is taking the natural route. Beside all those rainbow shades and metallic pastels, natural-looking babylights came to mimic the sun-kissed tones your hair took on as a child. This trend is getting popularity among the beauty followers and Hollywood stars. The best thing about it is that these highlights have an ability to enhance your natural hue without going too far. As a trend of 2017 babylights look pretty smart and effortless. Since celebrities have already managed to experiment with these highlights maybe it is the best moment for you to do the same?Babylights New Hair Trend for 2017Babylights are going to be the most requested look in coming seasons too. The celebrities’ hair colorists tell that here the majority of your hair color should still be natural and you need only to add delicate accents to create the look. A few strategically placed babylights will keep your hair healthier and more dynamic. It is the best way to get rid of a monotone style.

10 Redhead Celebrities In Hollywood

Hollywood redheads are as hot as fire. Some of them are totally redheads while others have a hint of red in their hair. Natural red hair owners are luck because they don’t have to go for bleaching or other coloring techniques to become a redhead. Nevertheless, if you have an intension to have a red hair, just check out these redhead celebrities from Hollywood.10 Redhead Celebrities In HollywoodNicole Kidman Apricot Blonde

This ethereal shade requires careful handling and regular touchups. You don’t need to shampoo your hair every day. As soon as you get the color avoid using heated style tools as they damage the hair. We all know that damaged hair never look good.

2017 Foilyage Hair Color Technique

If you love balayage then you are going to be obsessed with this brand new hair coloring technique too. You don’t need to worry because balayage isn’t going anywhere and it is still one of the most popular ways to have your hair done. Let’s not forget that balayage is a hair color technique in which the colorists bleach by handpainting it onto the sections of hair. Balayage is the best way to brighten the strands. This technique is great for blonde and redheads but what about dark-haired soul? Well, here we have 2017 foilyage a hair color technique that combines the subtle hair paintings of balayage with foils.2017 Foilyage Hair Color TechniqueWho is the creator: Just like many beauty trends foilyage is an upgraded version of our favorite balayage. This technique has been developed by colorist Hitomi Ikeda. She says that you can play with the most radiant highlights. According to Hitomi Ikeda balayage can be messy and come up piecey in the root area and she has tried to achieve the look using the same painting technique and adding foils. So, she came to conclusion that wrapping the ends with foils is the best way to brighten up the hair.

2017 New Hair Highlights: Blonde Streaks

I have done my own research and found out a permeating hair color for trendsetters. Here we are with streaks! These tender and soft color contrasts are so popular because of being both attractive and smart. The light highlights help couture the face and bring out the beauty of your visage plus it is a way to accent the bone structure. This is one of those cases when the hair color and face shapes work together. If you want to find out the techniques of getting the best blonde streaks for 2017 then keep reading.2017 New Hair Highlights Blonde StreaksI know all girls like that sun-kissed hair even in winter but blonde strakes may take it into a whole new level. It is the best way to accessorize your strands according to the latest fashion trends. This coloring trend adds refreshing versatility to the strong dip dye and ombre. Now we can celebrate the comeback of another coloring technique allowing hair to glow with a totally new vibrancy. The best thing about blonde streaks is that they slim the face and make it appear even more beautiful and attractive.

Delicious Chocolate Brown Hair

Tasteful chocolate is now worn in the hair too. It is not a new trend but it is among the most popular ones. Generally all shades of brown are pretty eye-catching and capturing. The best thing about brown hues is that they are the most natural-looking shades, included chocolate brown. All hairstyles look incredibly attractive on chocolate mane. This trend is meant to be ultra-soft and super-feminine. Being the color of the season chocolate brown has already managed to be spotted on many celebrities.Delicious Chocolate Brown HairExtra Dark Chocolate Brown Hair

Since dark chocolate contains a huge amount of cacao, it appears dark and sometimes it is almost undistinguished from black. You can only notice the brown shade when you look more closely. Anyway it is more than obvious that dark chocolate brown is the most natural brown shade. Hairstylists recommend wearing this shade either on short or medium-length hair.

Tortoiseshell Hair Color For 2017

This new hair color trend is meant to bring depth, movement and expression to hair. It is included into the “must have hair” list.  Soft transitions and little contrast make the style super desirable. 2017 tortoiseshell hair color is going to be the hit of coming seasons. The tortoiseshell focuses on warmth and involves more than three shades. Generally in this trend a warmed up darker color at the roots blends through the middle for some dimension a warm mid-light plus light golden highlights. In a word tortoiseshell or “ecaille” is a mixture of dark hues and sun-kissed strands rolled into one beautiful box.Tortoiseshell Hair Color For 2017Well, those, who want to discover more things about the colors, are probably curious about the name of this trend. According to celebrities’ colorist Armin Morbach the tortoiseshell trend is named after a certain breed of cat and the cat had the name after the shell of a tortoise. It may sound funny but one thing is clear, everything can literally be inspiring for the colorists. A t least we have a super hair trend which is worth to try.

2017 Best Hair Colors For Warm Skin Tone

Before choosing a hair color the most asked question is “Does this color work with my skin tone?” Well, it is a pretty smart question and should have a right answer. While choosing a color, the most important part is your complexions. The best way to avoid of failures is to be familiar with your skin tone. Today I have decided to collect 2017 best hair colors for warm skin tone. If you have warm complexions then you should definitely check out this article. 2017 Best Hair Colors For Warm Skin Tone Women with yellow or golden undertones in their skin can wear blonde, brown and red hair colors. While choosing a warm skin tone hair color you need to consider your eye color as well. This article will be informative enough for girls who have brown, green and hazel eyes.