2017 New Hair Highlights: Blonde Streaks

I have done my own research and found out a permeating hair color for trendsetters. Here we are with streaks! These tender and soft color contrasts are so popular because of being both attractive and smart. The light highlights help couture the face and bring out the beauty of your visage plus it is a way to accent the bone structure. This is one of those cases when the hair color and face shapes work together. If you want to find out the techniques of getting the best blonde streaks for 2017 then keep reading.2017 New Hair Highlights Blonde StreaksI know all girls like that sun-kissed hair even in winter but blonde strakes may take it into a whole new level. It is the best way to accessorize your strands according to the latest fashion trends. This coloring trend adds refreshing versatility to the strong dip dye and ombre. Now we can celebrate the comeback of another coloring technique allowing hair to glow with a totally new vibrancy. The best thing about blonde streaks is that they slim the face and make it appear even more beautiful and attractive.

Delicious Chocolate Brown Hair

Tasteful chocolate is now worn in the hair too. It is not a new trend but it is among the most popular ones. Generally all shades of brown are pretty eye-catching and capturing. The best thing about brown hues is that they are the most natural-looking shades, included chocolate brown. All hairstyles look incredibly attractive on chocolate mane. This trend is meant to be ultra-soft and super-feminine. Being the color of the season chocolate brown has already managed to be spotted on many celebrities.Delicious Chocolate Brown HairExtra Dark Chocolate Brown Hair

Since dark chocolate contains a huge amount of cacao, it appears dark and sometimes it is almost undistinguished from black. You can only notice the brown shade when you look more closely. Anyway it is more than obvious that dark chocolate brown is the most natural brown shade. Hairstylists recommend wearing this shade either on short or medium-length hair.

Tortoiseshell Hair Color For 2017

This new hair color trend is meant to bring depth, movement and expression to hair. It is included into the “must have hair” list.  Soft transitions and little contrast make the style super desirable. 2017 tortoiseshell hair color is going to be the hit of coming seasons. The tortoiseshell focuses on warmth and involves more than three shades. Generally in this trend a warmed up darker color at the roots blends through the middle for some dimension a warm mid-light plus light golden highlights. In a word tortoiseshell or “ecaille” is a mixture of dark hues and sun-kissed strands rolled into one beautiful box.Tortoiseshell Hair Color For 2017Well, those, who want to discover more things about the colors, are probably curious about the name of this trend. According to celebrities’ colorist Armin Morbach the tortoiseshell trend is named after a certain breed of cat and the cat had the name after the shell of a tortoise. It may sound funny but one thing is clear, everything can literally be inspiring for the colorists. A t least we have a super hair trend which is worth to try.

2017 Best Hair Colors For Warm Skin Tone

Before choosing a hair color the most asked question is “Does this color work with my skin tone?” Well, it is a pretty smart question and should have a right answer. While choosing a color, the most important part is your complexions. The best way to avoid of failures is to be familiar with your skin tone. Today I have decided to collect 2017 best hair colors for warm skin tone. If you have warm complexions then you should definitely check out this article. 2017 Best Hair Colors For Warm Skin Tone Women with yellow or golden undertones in their skin can wear blonde, brown and red hair colors. While choosing a warm skin tone hair color you need to consider your eye color as well. This article will be informative enough for girls who have brown, green and hazel eyes.

10 Celebrities Rock Ash-Platinum Blonde Hair

You think that ash or platinum blonde hair look dull or uninteresting? Stop there! This description is not for these shades. Many brunettes dream to rock either platinum or ash blonde, while natural blondes can get them without efforts. Recently I have noticed that these shades have emerged to new glory. Right now these shades are completely in rage. Everyone, who is familiar with trend report that ash or platinum blonde is never going to get out of hair trend. These gorgeous hair colors appear to be self-assured, hot, unconventional and conservative, all at the same time. Nothing says “fashion babe” like a platinum or ashy blonde. Here is some major celeb hairstyle inspiration!10 Celebrities Rock Ash Platinum Blonde HairGwen Stefani Blonde:

While some celebrities try to experiment with all rainbow shades, Gwen Stefani upgrades her blonde hair with another blonde shade and comes up with all her charm and femininity. She knows her trademark white-blonde seriously works. Not many of us can imagine us wearing brunette shades.

Caramel Hair Color Ideas For 2017

Caramel is a rich shade which can be a perfect choice for many complexions and hairstyles. When you use a caramel hue in a proper way it creates a warmth and beauty in your hair, accentuating your fashionable style. Recently we have noticed that the caramel shade has gain popularity among ladies who are looking for a new alternative to common blondes and brunettes. Caramel looks even better when it is combined with contrasting shades. If you are planning to take an advantage and go for this shade you need to check out caramel hair color ideas for 2017.  Caramel Hair Color Ideas For 2017Sometimes caramel hues are also being called light golden brown or dark blonde. With all these it is important to know that caramel involves some light and dark tints of the color. Some other alternative names are toffee and butterscotch-all sweet things refer to caramel hue.

“Sand Art” New Hair Trend For 2017

Hair trends are constantly evolving and we can see that some tricks work on your hair too. A sparkling combination of different rainbow shades bounds to get many requests in 2017 too. The techniques of getting colorful hair are versatile. Nowadays due to those techniques rainbow shades are available for all skin tones and hair colors. Well, we speak about rainbow hair, but you are probably interested to know what “sand art” trend is. A head full of colorful dyed strands is coming with a bit more of a shock factor that it does in 2016. Sand Hair art is another technique of getting a rainbow hair. Nevertheless, I have selected the best “Sand art” hair trends for 2017. Below you can find more information about this trend.  sand Art New Hair Trend For 2017Who is creator? Well, it goes without saying the creator is one of the most popular colorists of celebrities, this time the ball is in the hands of Rebecca Taylor. She has come up with a new hair color line which is as impressive as recently created ones. During one of her interviews Taylor said that she was inspired by the super quirky clothing company.

Strawberry Blonde Hairstyles By Celebs

Strawberry blonde is not a new concept in hair trend but it is evolving and becoming one of the most desirable hairstyles ever. Blondes use strawberry shade for some smart issues such as camouflaging grey hair. Blonde hair with the hint of red undertones is what we need to when winter hits and there is no way to get a warm sunny beach. Since many women are attracted by this shade, I have decided to represent you cute strawberry blonde hairstyles to rock. Get inspired from the latest hair trends and embrace your natural texture!Strawberry Blonde Hairstyles by CelebsStrawberry Blonde Wavy Hair: Strawberry blonde hair is what Karle Kloos needs to upgrade her medium wavy cut. She enchants with her limitless charm and femininity. It is the best look that any of us can adopt for our daily routines and a slight side-part gives the look more elegant touch. It seems you don’t have to spend much time getting it done.

Subtle Red Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Well, getting a new hair color is not an easy task, when you have to find the exact shade from hundred of tones. If you know what you exactly want then it will be a bit easier. There are some important factors that you need to consider while choosing a hair color, first of all it should definitely be matched with your looks. Red color is truly a perfect way of bringing some fresh changes. Here I have selected subtle red hair colors for 2017 that will give you a basic idea about your next hair shade.   Subtle Red Hair Color Ideas for 2017Skin tone: the very first thing that you should find out is whether red shade works with your skin complexion or not. This shade matches best with pinkish skin tone rather than golden or olive complexions. If you have a light skin tone then get ready to have fewer hard times.

Colombre Hair Trend For 2017

Is it new trend? Wow, it seems the coming season is going to be more fun. Rainbow hair trends don’t show any sign of leaving but instead they are evolving day by day. The latest rainbow hair coloring techniques have already impressed us and proved that both brunettes and blonde can easily rock pastel shades. “Oil slick” provides brunettes with the most beautiful shades, while the opal technique offers the most ethereal pastel shades for all blondes. Today I am going to represent another colombre hair trend for 2017 which is exclusive. I advise you to go on reading and get fascinated by the latest rainbow shades.Colombre Hair Trend For 2017Rocking beauty hair trends is not for all and vibrant hair colors top the list of beauty risks. Those who choose bold rainbow shades, show off their strong personality and carefree attitude. Girls with such hair should be ready to meet people’s weird looks. Well, but does it really matter when you strongly want to have a rainbow hair?