Denim Hair Color Trend for 2017

All of us love denim jeans but today forget about them! Why? Because it is all about denim hair? It sounds horrible, doesn’t it? But before your criticize I will add that in reality this trend is gorgeous. It was only a matter of time until 2017 denim hair trend made its way into the world of hair colors. Those who have already tried this shade are kind of obsessed with the new denim hair.  It may even seem funny but your favorite pair of denim jeans has been transform into a hair color trend and all of us are totally in it. I offer you to have a look at this dreamy hair color trend and get inspired from it.Blue Denim Hair Color Trend for 2017Actually the difference between denim hair and other pastel or creative shades is that it doesn’t have to be super-bright. It can be a little faded and washed out just like denim.  Is not it great for those who don’t really have time to refresh their hair color frequently?

10 Gorgeous Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

When you check out these gorgeous hair colors for brunettes you will definitely change your opinion about brunette shades. According to the colorists the best shades of brown and black right now are natural. It is about enhancing your look without going for extremes.  10 Gorgeous Hair Color Ideas for BrunettesBeachy brown: this sandy brown shade goes really well with short and medium-length haircut because it makes the face appear softer. This model’s hair has been dyed two or three shades lighter than her natural color and paired with highlights. It is so finely done that even if her hair roots grow out she doesn’t need to go for touch ups. Those who have wispy cut should avoid going too light otherwise their hair ends will appear thinner.

Nude Hair Color Trend for 2017

When we were feeling lost with all those crazy rainbow pastel shades, nude hair color came to remind us about natural-looking hair colors. Some of you will be impressed by this new trend but it looks completely gorgeous. The advantage of nude hair color is that it compliments all skin complexions. Natural hair colors will never be called outdated because they are always practical plus we all born with natural hair color. If you are interested to know more then check out nude hair color trend for 2017 and get the idea about it.   Nude Hair Color Trend for 2017Blonde hair color never goes out of style; different hues of blonde literally hit the charts. There was a moment that celebrities used to rock platinum blonde then sun-kissed golden shade came in. But today’s hair color trend falls into the naked shades.

Silver Hair Color for 2017

I want to start with the following concept- the silver hair is more than on trend right now. If you have considedred it a “granny hair”, it is the best moment to change your opinion about silver shade. Silver used to be the most ignored shade in the palette. The things have changed when celebrities started to wear silver in various ways. Silver can also be considered natural color.silver hair for 2017I have already mentioned above that there are many ways to sport a silver hair color. This shade incorporated with ombre is super trendy. With the attack of the popularity for silver hair the enchantment surrounding this style is growing. Silver hairstyles range from angelic to rebellious edgy.

7 Celebrity Inspired Hair Color Trends

Whether you want to go for something subtle like the ombre or want to hit the peroxide like there is nothing else, I have a list of hair color trends to guide you. If you are going to make a hair-transformation then you need to check out celebrity inspired hair colors that you can try even right now.7 Celebrity Inspired Hair Color TrendsPewter Blonde: We can keep speaking about various shades of blonde. The most popular blonde shades like platinum, honey, ash, golden, strawberry, have already managed to hit the charts. Here you can see a platinum blonde hair that sheers slightly to silver. It is not easy to pull off this shade because it typically suits for olive skin complexion.  

Coral Pink Hair Color for 2017

Today’s hair color trend falls into the coral pink hue. Soft coral pink attracts all the girls, which is why we always have something to say about it. This funky yet sophisticated hint is not available for all, since it requires special complexions. Before that I would like to mention that coral pink is the mixture of cold and warm colors. If you cannot commit between red and blonde shade then choose the golden mean. 2017 coral pink hair color looks shinier and fresher.Coral Pink Hair Color for 2017Skin tone: Well, skin tone it the most important factor. Since it is a vibrant shade you need to take it according to your skin complexion otherwise everything will go wrong and you will feel frustrated.

Caramel Hair Highlights for 2017

Sweet caramel hues are incredibly intriguing which makes them a perfect choice for highlights, lowlights and deep dyes. This impressive palette offers a wide range of hues from natural to cool and creamy tones. If I say that any basic hair color may adopt a caramel hue may be you will not believe but you will definitely have better idea about 2017 caramel hair inspiration after you look these catchy examples.Caramel Hair Highlights for 2017Caramel hair highlights worn on medium brown or blonde base creates soft tones. The high demand of hair highlights hits all the records because it is a less aggressive method of hair dying. Caramel is the most chosen hue for highlights.

10 Fresh Hair Color Ideas by Celebrities

Which hair colors are you consider wearing in autumn? Are you planning to go for darker or lighter shades? Since new season requires new hair color and outfit, you should think about these factors. Whether you have, blonde, brown or black hair, according to hair colorists this fall is all about warmer and richer shades. Celebrities will help us to represent the best hair colors which are available for the coming season. Just follow us and you will definitely know more that you think.10 Fresh Hair Color Ideas by CelebritiesChestnut brown with red and golden blonde accents: this earthy brown shade is worn by Kate Mara. If you have decided to get this shade by your own, at home then you should know that it’s from the kit box “chestnut brown”.

Murky Pastel Hair Colors for 2017

Whether you want a completely new look or just a slight update, get a head started with these murky pastel hair colors for 2017. Next year we are going to embrace the murky pastel look.  You don’t know how to start? I am here to guide you! Murky pastels involve dark hues and you need to start with ash brown base and mix in muted pastels that give the effect that the colors have all blended together into a murky mix.Murky Pastel Hair Colors for 2017 Murky shades are new in hair coloring trend but they have already managed to gain popularity. These hues are gorgeous for ladies who are in side of wearing darker pastel shades. It is a bold style but you can personalize it and make it less bold. It is all about your preferences and your desires!

Cinnamon Swirl Hair Color for 2017

If you are still fascinated by bronde hair color then a delicious 2017 cinnamon swirl hair color trend will open new doors for you. It is a new game in the world of hair coloring. The sweet look of cinnamon swirl hair imaginary takes us into the bakery shop where the most delicious cookies are. What did the colorists want to prove us by creating such enjoyable shade? According to its story this color was inspired by cinnamon rolls.Cinnamon Swill Hair Color for 2017It happens when the colorists take something delicious and make it serve as a source of inspiration. Whether you want to go for drastic changes with pastel shades, or you want to see what life is like in rose gold hair color, you need to check out these pictures of cinnamon swirl hair color.