Strawberry Blonde Hairstyles By Celebs

Strawberry blonde is not a new concept in hair trend but it is evolving and becoming one of the most desirable hairstyles ever. Blondes use strawberry shade for some smart issues such as camouflaging grey hair. Blonde hair with the hint of red undertones is what we need to when winter hits and there is no way to get a warm sunny beach. Since many women are attracted by this shade, I have decided to represent you cute strawberry blonde hairstyles to rock. Get inspired from the latest hair trends and embrace your natural texture!Strawberry Blonde Hairstyles by CelebsStrawberry Blonde Wavy Hair: Strawberry blonde hair is what Karle Kloos needs to upgrade her medium wavy cut. She enchants with her limitless charm and femininity. It is the best look that any of us can adopt for our daily routines and a slight side-part gives the look more elegant touch. It seems you don’t have to spend much time getting it done.

Subtle Red Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Well, getting a new hair color is not an easy task, when you have to find the exact shade from hundred of tones. If you know what you exactly want then it will be a bit easier. There are some important factors that you need to consider while choosing a hair color, first of all it should definitely be matched with your looks. Red color is truly a perfect way of bringing some fresh changes. Here I have selected subtle red hair colors for 2017 that will give you a basic idea about your next hair shade.   Subtle Red Hair Color Ideas for 2017Skin tone: the very first thing that you should find out is whether red shade works with your skin complexion or not. This shade matches best with pinkish skin tone rather than golden or olive complexions. If you have a light skin tone then get ready to have fewer hard times.

Colombre Hair Trend For 2017

Is it new trend? Wow, it seems the coming season is going to be more fun. Rainbow hair trends don’t show any sign of leaving but instead they are evolving day by day. The latest rainbow hair coloring techniques have already impressed us and proved that both brunettes and blonde can easily rock pastel shades. “Oil slick” provides brunettes with the most beautiful shades, while the opal technique offers the most ethereal pastel shades for all blondes. Today I am going to represent another colombre hair trend for 2017 which is exclusive. I advise you to go on reading and get fascinated by the latest rainbow shades.Colombre Hair Trend For 2017Rocking beauty hair trends is not for all and vibrant hair colors top the list of beauty risks. Those who choose bold rainbow shades, show off their strong personality and carefree attitude. Girls with such hair should be ready to meet people’s weird looks. Well, but does it really matter when you strongly want to have a rainbow hair?

Top 5 Natural hair Colors

Coming season gives us an opportunity to update our hair look. I promise you “nothing crazy” just a little hair color refresh. I think you need to consider something lighter, fresher and livelier. I have decided to do my own research and represent you top 5 natural hair colors which are up-to-date. The celebrities’ hair colorists offer you to update your hair color with these natural looking hues. Rainbow and pastel hair keep hitting the internet and that’s not bad at all, but sometimes we want to see something more relaxed and natural. I think these shades will add a touch of femininity and softness to any women’s look.Top 5 Natural hair ColorsBronze Ombre

If you have natural dark hair and high-maintenance shades are not for you then you should definitely go for two or three slightly lighter tones. Think of ombre with deep shades blended through the middle and slightly lighter ones on the tips around the face that keep the shades in harmony. This combination creates an impressive natural look which cannot deny any women who is on the side of such tints.

Eggplant Hair Trend for 2017

New hair coloring techniques make fashionistas stand out of the crowd and make a new statement. They all can experiment with their favorite colors. Both permanent and temporary hair dyes are popular among females. When it comes to pastel or rainbow hair, temporary coloring products are the best choice. Eggplant hair color is one of the latest trends that have been spotted on a lot of trendsetters. Generally eggplant hair is just hair colored in a very deep purple to mimic an eggplant, like the name. This hair trend is so fun and fashion forward. If you are planning to join the eggplant hair club, then check out the following eggplant hair trends for 2017.    Eggplant Hair Trend for 2017Are you bold enough to color your hair in a shade that reminds you of a certain vegetable? Well, if yes then this eggplant is definitely for you. Recently we have noticed that food inspired hair colors have their special place in hair trend. If you remember cinnamon swirl hair color also has been created inspired by delicious cinnamon rolls.

Wheat Blonde Hair Color for 2017

Whether you love ombre or you want to think out of the foil, get ready for a new hair trend-wheat blonde, this shade came to stay. Dimensional amber wheat is a lovely update for an icy winter. You were looking for a new hair coloring idea? Well, get your wheat blonde hair for 2017 and keep yourself updated. This shade is completely freeform. But if you want to mimic it then you should find a hair colorist who has heard about it, except that he should be enough professional to place a wheat blonde color on the hair. This is the most important thing to consider.Wheat Blonde Hair Color for 2017Modern hair trends fall into natural shades. Wheat blonde is also considered to be a natural-looking hair color. Those, who truly appreciate unvarnished hair colors, they will definitely like this virgin blonde. Recently we always talk about rainbow shades forgetting that natural hues are also popular. But wait! They are not only popular they are “must”. At least not everyone can get a pastel or rainbow hair.

Dip Dye Hair Color Ideas

Nowadays the internet is literally flooded with dip dye hair guides. The effect of dip dye mainly depends on your natural hair color- whether you are blonde or brunette. Dip dye is available for all those who want to go for changes and embrace their natural texture with the best hair colors. It is fascinating to see how a boring hairstyle transforms into a modern ‘do with the help of a right hair color. If you are planning to go for a dip dye then check out the following pictures.Dip Dye Hair Color IdeasEdgy Green Hair

Edgy green shade is gaining popularity among young ladies. Actually it may seem pretty difficult to get this shade but I will admit that green hue is easy to achieve on any natural hair color. Since there is a wide list of green shades to choose from, you can be sure you will find the perfect tone! Even if you are not sure about the tone, consult with hair experts.

Auburn Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Auburn shade belongs to the family of red colors. Whether you want to go bold and bright, or soft and coppery, auburn hair color is hot at the moment. Find the right shade and auburn will be incredibly flattering to your skin tone. Auburn hair is super popular because it is versatile. Actually auburn hair falls somewhere on the brown, red and blonde spectrum and looks pretty subtle. This trend is particularly popular during the fall and the winter but it can be taken in the wormer seasons too. Check out auburn hair color for 2017 and pick up the best auburn shade.  Auburn Hair Color Ideas for 2017Medium auburn with blonde highlights: highlights enhance anyone’s hair color and auburn shade can be perfectly paired with blond hair highlights. Nevertheless, gorgeous blonde highlights add a hint of shimmer and the illusion of thicker hair with added texture. It is not a secret that hair highlights are meant to add an extra dimension and depth to the locks.   

Denim Hair Color Trend for 2017

All of us love denim jeans but today forget about them! Why? Because it is all about denim hair? It sounds horrible, doesn’t it? But before your criticize I will add that in reality this trend is gorgeous. It was only a matter of time until 2017 denim hair trend made its way into the world of hair colors. Those who have already tried this shade are kind of obsessed with the new denim hair.  It may even seem funny but your favorite pair of denim jeans has been transform into a hair color trend and all of us are totally in it. I offer you to have a look at this dreamy hair color trend and get inspired from it.Blue Denim Hair Color Trend for 2017Actually the difference between denim hair and other pastel or creative shades is that it doesn’t have to be super-bright. It can be a little faded and washed out just like denim.  Is not it great for those who don’t really have time to refresh their hair color frequently?

10 Gorgeous Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

When you check out these gorgeous hair colors for brunettes you will definitely change your opinion about brunette shades. According to the colorists the best shades of brown and black right now are natural. It is about enhancing your look without going for extremes.  10 Gorgeous Hair Color Ideas for BrunettesBeachy brown: this sandy brown shade goes really well with short and medium-length haircut because it makes the face appear softer. This model’s hair has been dyed two or three shades lighter than her natural color and paired with highlights. It is so finely done that even if her hair roots grow out she doesn’t need to go for touch ups. Those who have wispy cut should avoid going too light otherwise their hair ends will appear thinner.