Charming Purple Ombre Hair Ideas

Chic purple, the color of royalty, has come to display luxury and strength. For this reason the purple ombre hair is also gaining popularity day by day. The purple is a versatile shade that involves dark and light, pastel and bold shades, so you will not have any problem finding something that goes well with your skin complexion and nature. You can get a purple ombre paired with dark and light colored locks or just go plum in full. If you want to explore some stunning purple ombres, then keep reading.Charming Purple Ombre Hair IdeasHot Purple Ombre

This is a typical dark to light ombre with a colorful twist. Fantastic balayage technique can provide with stunning results when hair needs to melt from a natural to a bright color. Here, the model’s hair starts with a matt black and gradually turns to a deep purple shade. We can even notice the lightest streaks of color over the shade- a subtle plum hue.

Hair Highlights for Black Hair for 2017

Probably the black hair is the easiest base color since it works well with many other shades. Be that bright or dark hue there is an option to choose from but just like any hair highlight you have to pick up something that flatters your skin complexion. Apart from this you need to use the details which will make your highlighted hair look neat and natural. Regardless of your personal preferences the following 2017 highlights for black hair will give you some idea on what you can do with your natural dark hair.Hair Highlights for Black Hair for 2017Soft Streaks for Straight Hair  

Straight hair is a great canvas to add some colors to your style as it will make the hues more visible than any other hairstyle. In this design a soft shade of brown is blended on the black hair to create some stunning streaks. The gloss on the design and the neat side sweep styling also help to upgrade the overall look.   

Black-Cherry Hair Color Ideas for 2017

All black-cherry shades are great and will help you to create a refined look. Since hair coloring is super trendy, new shades are continue coming up and blowing our minds. Black-cherry shade is fantastic for ladies who think that there is nothing better than dark shades. Black-cherry tone is pretty easy to get and you can achieve it using foils or balayage technique. Before making your plans about this color mix, just have a look at 2017 black cherry hair color ideas and get new ideas.Black Cherry Hair Color Ideas for 2017Black Cherry Peek a Boo Hair

The shine of this style is simply stunning and it shows how healthy your locks are. The color is gorgeously paired with a lovely peek-a-boo shade. The design wouldn’t be so luxurious without textured curls. It is style that is going to work for all brunettes plus if you have dark natural hair then you will easily achieve it.

Top 10 Pastel Purple Hair Color Ideas

Day by day purple hair is gaining more popularity and the pictures of purple hair in social media make girls try it out. All women go crazy over attractive pastel purple hair. Purple is one of the most attractive shades ever. Pastel purple shades make all girls feel like princesses. The purple involves a range of shades including lavender, blue-lavender lilac and many more. I have collected some attractive examples which are worth to 10 Pastel Purple Hair Color IdeasCute Lilac

In this design the mixture of ash, silver and lilac has been used to color this beautiful female’s long locks. Some hair extensions were added to give this hairstyle an incredible volume and it has been styled into a loose French side braid. If you have an intention to recreate this look then don’t forget to loosen your braid once you are done.

Dark Auburn Hair Colors for 2017

Dark auburn hair color is too elegant and it is fantastic when you want to dye your hair into a unique tone. It involves the warmth of a dark tone and the beauty of other bright tones and it makes the color a perfect choice for every woman. The only disadvantage with this shade is that it is not very common and so most ladies may not know how to use it to create a well-defined look. The 2017 dark auburn hair colors below will make you believe that you need to rock this beautiful hue.Dark Auburn Hair Colors for 2017Dark Auburn Locks

A good texture may be the best way to upgrade your hair design and provide you with a more stunning look. Due to the texture the style looks fresh however in this picture the strands have a subtle warm shade with a tone of rich red and this combination makes the texture of the locks appear more detailed. This style is great for those who are totally in dark shades.

Light and Dark Ash Blonde Hair Colors for 2017

Still wondering how to get a perfect ash blonde hair? Well you don’t need to worry anymore since you have just come to the right place. In this article I will be taking you through the most gorgeous ideas worth pairing with your ashy blonde hair color. These techniques are simple yet stylish that will make you look stunning and also require less money and time. Read on and explore 2017 ash blonde hair color ideas, I hope you will be lucky enough to get your match.Light and Dark Ash Blonde Hair Colors for 2017Gray Toned Sombre

Are you ready to transform your long wavy tresses into something softer and more subtle? Well, this hairstyle technique may be inspiring for you. The sombre or soft ombre is used to give your layered locks a subtle and refined look. The base has an ashy blonde shade that transforms to a gray tone from mid shaft. It is the best way to add some light colors to your hair. Make sure that you have light skin since it creates a perfect match only with light complexion.

Crazy Colorful Hair Ideas

Colorful hair designs consist of one or more vibrant tones. Vibrant hair makes it hard to go unnoticed that’s why such colors are chosen by ladies who are seeking for attention. But what ideas do you have in your mind? Since there are various shades it is a bit hard to make a right choice but I would like to share with you some examples of colorful locks that you may like to consider the next time you go to a hair salon.Crazy Colorful Hair IdeasVibrant Ombre

This is the softest ombre that you need to give a try. A smooth transition of tones from a pink top to a purple bottom is pretty eye-catching. The strands are given a side part and curled from mid-shaft. The whole look is accentuated with fresh flowers that crown the top. This style will work well for bridal parties.

Sparkling Dark Blue Hair Color for 2017

If you are in love with blue particularly with dark shades of blue then this look is definitely for you. Blue color is associated with calmness because it reminds us of limitless open skies and warm sunny shorelines. Sophisticated dark blue color involves some adorable shades such as royal blue, navy-blue, cobalt which look gorgeous when paired with other dark or light blues and pastel hues. The most popular combination is black and blue shades that are used to create a beautiful ombre. Check out these sparkling dark blue hair colors for 2017 and get inspired from.Sparkling Dark Blue Hair Color for 2017Dark Blue Hair

To create this dynamic blue headdress you need to ask your hairstylist for a combination of turquoise, gray and blue strips over a base of deep cobalt. The color has been done in layers using our favorite hand painting technique which helps the shades blend into each other smoothly. The messy locks form a beautiful updo which can be worn both casually and formally.

Ideas for Platinum Blonde Hair for 2017

Platinum blonde is becoming a favorite shade and nowadays more ladies go lighter. The styles are versatile included full color, ombre and simple highlights. In fact there is a beautiful tone to flatter every skin complexion. Blondes can be spilled over short or long strands and they look marvelous on all types of locks. This new blonde is ultra-feminine and extra soft. Just check out these ideas for 2017 platinum blonde hair and style your chic locks in a new way.Ideas for Platinum Blonde Hair for 2017White Waves

This adorable design starts with darker roots that are more than visible. The light strands give way to a soft canvas of snug diamond hued hair that falls gently down her back. These strands have not been totally straitened and have a cute natural wave. The color is almost white and it is undoubtedly chic.

Top 10 Green Hair Color Ideas

Want to have a hair color that will enable you to steal attention? Well, cool green shade may just be what you came for. The radiant nature of this tone has made it a favorite choice for women who want something to stand out. Since green shade goes well with many different tones, it is easy to experiment with. Those who want to explore the mastery of green hair color should check out these selections that considered being the most elegant choice for women all over the world.Top 10 Green Hair Color IdeasGreen Ombre and Texture Cut

Hand painted strands look great on the dark hair. It creates a fresh look that provides maximum optical impact. The dark roots are meant to keep everything in harmony and add an absolutely stunning touch to this long bob. The colors make this style easier to spot and a perfect match for any woman.