Crazy Colorful Hair Ideas

Colorful hair designs consist of one or more vibrant tones. Vibrant hair makes it hard to go unnoticed that’s why such colors are chosen by ladies who are seeking for attention. But what ideas do you have in your mind? Since there are various shades it is a bit hard to make a right choice but I would like to share with you some examples of colorful locks that you may like to consider the next time you go to a hair salon.Crazy Colorful Hair IdeasVibrant Ombre

This is the softest ombre that you need to give a try. A smooth transition of tones from a pink top to a purple bottom is pretty eye-catching. The strands are given a side part and curled from mid-shaft. The whole look is accentuated with fresh flowers that crown the top. This style will work well for bridal parties.

Sparkling Dark Blue Hair Color for 2017

If you are in love with blue particularly with dark shades of blue then this look is definitely for you. Blue color is associated with calmness because it reminds us of limitless open skies and warm sunny shorelines. Sophisticated dark blue color involves some adorable shades such as royal blue, navy-blue, cobalt which look gorgeous when paired with other dark or light blues and pastel hues. The most popular combination is black and blue shades that are used to create a beautiful ombre. Check out these sparkling dark blue hair colors for 2017 and get inspired from.Sparkling Dark Blue Hair Color for 2017Dark Blue Hair

To create this dynamic blue headdress you need to ask your hairstylist for a combination of turquoise, gray and blue strips over a base of deep cobalt. The color has been done in layers using our favorite hand painting technique which helps the shades blend into each other smoothly. The messy locks form a beautiful updo which can be worn both casually and formally.

Ideas for Platinum Blonde Hair for 2017

Platinum blonde is becoming a favorite shade and nowadays more ladies go lighter. The styles are versatile included full color, ombre and simple highlights. In fact there is a beautiful tone to flatter every skin complexion. Blondes can be spilled over short or long strands and they look marvelous on all types of locks. This new blonde is ultra-feminine and extra soft. Just check out these ideas for 2017 platinum blonde hair and style your chic locks in a new way.Ideas for Platinum Blonde Hair for 2017White Waves

This adorable design starts with darker roots that are more than visible. The light strands give way to a soft canvas of snug diamond hued hair that falls gently down her back. These strands have not been totally straitened and have a cute natural wave. The color is almost white and it is undoubtedly chic.

Top 10 Green Hair Color Ideas

Want to have a hair color that will enable you to steal attention? Well, cool green shade may just be what you came for. The radiant nature of this tone has made it a favorite choice for women who want something to stand out. Since green shade goes well with many different tones, it is easy to experiment with. Those who want to explore the mastery of green hair color should check out these selections that considered being the most elegant choice for women all over the world.Top 10 Green Hair Color IdeasGreen Ombre and Texture Cut

Hand painted strands look great on the dark hair. It creates a fresh look that provides maximum optical impact. The dark roots are meant to keep everything in harmony and add an absolutely stunning touch to this long bob. The colors make this style easier to spot and a perfect match for any woman.

2017 Best Hair Colors for Dark Ombre Hair

You might have your own opinion about dark ombre hair but the majority part of females finds it pretty cool. By the way are they really worth your time and efforts? Well, some of them require long hours and it only make sense when you appear with something that make you stand out. I have done my own research and came up with 2017 hair colors for dark ombre that might be a fantastic match for you. Read more and discover more!2017 Best Hair Colors for Dark Ombre HairChocolate Sombre

In this design you can see the appealing look of a soft ombre style. The natural black hair in this lob cut is paired with balayage highlights of blonde. There are hair sections on the top that fall naturally to the sides. Subtle twists and waves are added to take the elegance of this hair a step higher. This feminine hairstyle will keep you in the center of attention and make you feel more self-confident.

Stunning Violet Hair Color for 2017

Stunning violet hair is fantastic for women who are always dreaming of an unnatural shade that will grab attention everywhere. This color is bright but it also has a limitless elegance. It comes in various shades to give you some options to choose from and there is still the best idea of combining it with other bright or dark colors to get a soft and subtle hairdo. If you are looking for something sexy and refined then you need to color your strands into violet. Below we have 2017 violet hair color ideas that are simply mind-blowing.Stunning Violet Hair Color for 2017Blue and Violet Highlights

A gorgeous blend of blue and violet in this design is adorable and if you replicate it you will simply be adorable. This shade involves some long brown strands that also have a hint of pink. The hand painted or balayage design gives the look a perfect appearance. And a right styling is all you need to complete your unique style.

Top 10 Inspiring Blonde Balayage

You already know much about this technique and you also know that it is fantastic for any woman who desires to give her strands a natural-looking coloring. When the grown out roots are becoming visible the overall look gets super natural appearance. The best thing about this technique is that you can always blend many shades of blonde and brown to get a unique look. You can even use hand painting technique to create a gorgeous ombre or sombre design. However you still need to choose the right color combinations and also something that works well with your skin tone. Look at these elegant blonde balayage hair color ideas to get inspired from.Top 10 Inspiring Blonde BalayageSilver Ash and Soft Brown

The darker roots in the design form an excellent base for eye-catching hand painted hues. However, the choice of tints is what makes this a top notch hairstyle and involves blending a silver ash blonde with a soft brown hue to get an outstanding design. The texture of haircut and a cute face framing style helps to complete the overall look.

Dazzling Silver Ombre for 2017

Superb ombre hair looks gilt and nearly metallic and it is the latest trend of ever-changing hair coloring scene. Ombre is a typical coloring method but it can make you look unique due to the various shades and silver is a perfect one because it is not as common as blonde or brown. Apart of all, it is a unique shade that you can combine with almost any hue to create a mind-blowing look. It looks great on any hair length and so if you are searching for something elegant and chic then check out 2017 silver ombre.Dazzling Silver Ombre for 2017Dark Brown into Silver

Silver or grey is an adorable shade and it goes well with most colors according to how bright or dark they are. In this style everything starts with a lovely natural brown shade and then blends with a fabulous silver to get an amazing contrast. These shades create a striking dimensional look that is enhanced by an incredible choppy haircut and then styled into long waves.

Subtle Lavender Hair Color for 2017

Eye-catching lavender hair color is accepted as a pale tint of purple but it can also be used to describe grayish, medium light and purple shades. This is the most feminine color that reminds us of perfumed soaps and beautiful lavender flowers. The various shades of lavender make it a great choice for anyone. It involves from the lightest pastel to shocking vibrant hues. Whether you are looking for a full change or an ombre, lavender is a rich color that is definitely worth to try out. Here I have collected 2017 lavender hair colors to inspire you.Subtle Lavender Hair Color for 2017Lavender over Grey Shade

Grey is the hottest hair color right now and it is also a complimentary lavender shade that you see here. This look starts with pure grey on the roots which has been smartly covered with light lavender streaks. The beautiful lavender color has reached until the tips and the grey has been used throughout to provide contrast.

Top 10 Balayage Hair Color Ideas

Do you love our top 10s? If yes, then get ready to see top 10 balayage hair color ideas that are simply gorgeous. Balayage is a French word that can be translated as “to paint”. Actually “paint” is the best way to define it since the method used to apply dye involves the freehand technique where the hair is gently hand painted to create the highlights. The result is a more natural-looking tone that matches the skin tone and gives the hair a sun-kissed appearance. The balayage has gradually gained popularity because of its delightful low-maintenance.Top 10 Balayage Hair Color IdeasTousled Copper Balayage

Balayage looks incredible particularly on messy hair as it gets more volume. The copper highlights on the red strands are better due to the hand painted pattern as it works well with the nonchalant locks to create sexy bed hair. This fun look is also very easy to maintain.