Blonde Highlights for Brown Hair Color in 2017

A brown is a solid shade that provides you with a classy and elegant look but adding highlights makes it edgier and catchier. Blonde is another sophisticated hue that can be added to brown hair to give it pop. Blonde highlights work for anyone, regardless of skin tone, hair texture and hair length. “Bronde” is the best word to describe a brown and blonde combination. The secret lies in knowing the exact shades that would emphasize your facial features and eye color. Here we have compiled the most exciting blonde highlights for brown hair color in 2017.Blonde Highlights for Brown Hair Color in 2017Rooted Golden Blonde

Kylie Jenner’s hairstyle features a dark chocolate brown root that transitions into a golden blonde hair color. The cute beach waves on the hair add a subtle volume to the tresses while giving extra pop to this rich summer hair color. If you want to keep your locks shiny finish the look by spritzing a shine spray on the hair. However, you should go for bleaching to achieve a perfect golden blonde hair color.

Honey Blonde Hair Color Ideas for 2017

If you truly want to pull off a light hair color, honey blonde is undoubtedly for you. The greatest thing about honey blonde is that it looks absolutely amazing when achieved through a right technique. Honey blonde can be paired with other tones and form a sassy color combo. You can use honey highlights too to spice up your existing hair color. Consult your hair colorist to know whether honey blonde works for your or not? Here we have included a few examples of honey blonde hair colors for 2017 that will give you an idea on how you can use this shade to achieve a gorgeous look.honey blonde hair colors for 2017Warm Blonde with Highlights

You can achieve this lovely pattern without changing your hair color. It is a lovely color combo for all natural blondes out there. All you need to do is to introduce some highlights throughout hair color. This is the best proof that the highlights may radically change your existing hair color. For the haircut, add some layers to provide with extra dimension and depth.

Top 6 Auburn Hair Colors of 2017

Auburn hair colors are still popular because of their versatility. As there are numerous shades that can be referred to auburn hair color, it is a little bit hard to figure out which shade is exactly the auburn. Actually auburn hair color is on the blonde, red and brown color spectrum and sometimes it involves all these three tones together. Auburn hair color is trendy in all seasons of the year. Read on to see top 6 auburn hair colors for 2017. Pick one of these shades and keep your hair color fresh and stylish.Auburn Hair Colors of 2017Dark Roots and Light Auburn Ombre

This model’s quite dark roots get lighter towards the tips. It is perhaps the best example of a rich auburn ombre. This striking hair color is meant to complement the model’s complexion and eye color. It is an excellent solution if you want to play up with the ombre without making a bold statement. Refresh your hair color with an ombre like this one.

Bright Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Bold and vibrant hair colors are always being adopted by women with bright personalities. Perhaps a fresh hair shade is the greatest way to show off your inner world. These unconventional shades can be applied using different methods. Thanks to modern hair color techniques, you can easily make your hair dream come true. Today you are going to see some creative yet ultra bold hair colors for 2017. If you haven’t chosen something for you yet, read on and get idea on how you can experiment with your hair shade.Bright Hair Color Ideas for 2017Neon Green Hair Color

Here is a shocking hair color idea for brave heart females. It is a neon green hue that is used as an all over color. It goes without saying that it is not an easy style to manage but it is not something impossible as well. As soon as you get your hair lifted to the lightest shade of blonde, you can easily apply this vivid hue. A bold hair color requires a bold hairstyle- there is nothing better than a crazy Hawk.

Different Blonde Hair Colors for 2017

There are multitude images of blonde hair colors that include everything from subtle blonde highlights to bold blonde ombres. Getting a new blonde hair color is based on your natural hair shade. If you are a hot brunette, you can go blonde by bleaching your locks. Whether you want a white blonde or any other shade of blonde it requires a light tone of base to provide that sophisticate hair look. Let’s not forget that blonde has plenty of sub tones that flatter a wide array of skin tones. Here we have some striking blonde hair colors for 2017 that you will definitely love to try out.Different Blonde Hair Colors for 2017Natural Blonde Hair Color

Is there anything better than a natural blonde hair color? This blonde gives an attitude like you were born with it. Actually it is pretty multidimensional with several blonde tones that look like similar. But before committing it is important to figure out whether the look is for you. Luckily this blonde tone looks great on any skin tone because the color mimics your skin tone.

Gigi Hadid’s Best Hair Colors for 2017

Being one of the most popular top models of Victoria’s Secret, Gigi Hadid is always in the center of attention. This young model has already managed to gain enough fame and popularity. As a face of Tommy Hilfiger clothing brand, Gigi is an inspiration for young generation. Her looks are being copied all around the world. No doubt, she knows how to grab attention with her fashionable outfits and striking hairstyles. Go on reading to see Gigi Hadid’s best hair colors for 2017.Gigi Hadid’s Best Hair Colors for 2017Beach Blonde with Beach Waves

Adorable Gigi Hadid wears lovely waves with her beach blonde hair color. She looks super cute and comfortable in this easygoing style. It seems she doesn’t put any effort to create a ravishing and stunning hairstyle like this one. Now on you can include this look into your list of simmer hairstyles. However the combination of beach blonde and waves can be seen in any season of the year.

Rose Gold Hair Colors in Different Salons of the World

Rose gold hair color hits the hair fashion. It is the most feminine shade that women love to pull off. When it comes to the applying of the tone, there are various techniques to pick from. Nowadays rose gold hair color comes up with several names- blorange, soft peach and etc. You may see that in different regions and countries hair stylist show different approach to the look. However it mostly depends on colorist’s taste and creativity. It is also important to choose a shade of rose gold that compliments the skin tone and brings out the eyes. Go on reading to see rose gold hair colors in different salons of the world.Rose Gold Hair Colors in Different Salons of the WorldStrawberry Blonde Hair Color

This is how the hair colorists of Guatemala pull off the rose gold look. The pinkish shades have been added to blonde tresses to create a luscious strawberry blonde hair color. The more pink the better because it is just right time of the year to embrace this lovely trend. Take your solid blonde hair color to a notch higher with pink tones.

2017 Hygge Hair Colors for Everyone

We have a new name in hair fashion. Welcome latest hygge hair color trend in 2017. This lovely trend is all about making your life easier and cozier. For this reason it is impossible not to love this trend. Generally the word hygge is popping up in everything from food to furniture. Now it is used to describe the color of the locks. The meaning of the word is “comfort” and it is related to the word “hug”. 2017 is basically a year of warmth and comfort so this color is all about warm mix of coppers, browns, buttery blondes and oranges.2017 Hygge Hair Colors for EveryoneHygge hair color is the hottest trend right now and it requires blending toasty, glowing shades such as caramel blonde, rich auburn, golden reds and etc. These warm hues give an organic quality to the color, making it not only the hottest trend right now but also the most natural trend. If you are obsessed with natural-looking hair colors, you are going to love “hygge” hair color as well.

Best Beach Blonde Hair Colors for 2017

Have you ever thought of having beach blonde hair color all-year round? No doubt, beach blonde hair colors are always in mainstream. These lovely shades are all about combining yellow, brown and golden hues to create a color that gives us the warmth of sun and sand. It is the best moment to try out it for yourself as well. Actually beach blonde hair colors are easy to achieve. In this post we are going to highlight the best beach blonde hair colors for 2017. Go on reading to see your favorite beach blonde hair color.Best Beach Blonde Hair Colors for 2017Blonde Highlights and Beach Waves

This lovely tone of blonde is meant to remind you of the sandy colors of the beach. With a combination of the right type of hairstyle and hair color you can also achieve this lovely look. Show this picture to your hair colorist and ask for the same bucket of highlights. In any season of the year you will feel confident with a sophisticated color like this one.

Brown/ Blonde Hair Colors for All Skin Tones

It is not a secret that females love experimenting with different hair colors but everyone knows that wearing a new hair color can be pretty risky. Randomly chosen shade doesn’t guarantee a flawless look because you don’t know whether the color will work for your skin tone or not. However I have selected some brown and blonde hair colors for all skin tones. Whether you are bored with your current hair color or you want to try something new, these pictures can be pretty helpful as they will guide you to a perfect shade for your complexion.Brown/ Blonde Hair Colors for All Skin TonesAsh Blonde Hair Color

The ash blonde hair color is ideal for women with livid skin tone. In case if you have pink undertones in your complexion, don’t hesitate to wear this trendy hair color. Sometimes ash blonde may go yellow. In order to avoid yellowish tints, go for purple shampoo and don’t forget applying conditioner. Ask your hair colorist for the best treatments to make the color last longer.