Lavishing Caramel Highlights for 2017

Switch up your look with trendy caramel highlights in 2017. One of the sweetest and delicious hair colors in the fashion industry is the lavishing caramel. It is a great hair color with all its light and dark hues especially when it comes to highlights, lowlights and dip dye ideas. Luckily the rich hair color palette allows us to opt for the best and the most flattering caramel shade for our skin tone, eye hue and base hair color. caramel highlights for hair 2017Being a cool mixture of dirty blonde, light brown and warm tones caramel goes well almost with all complexions. Literary any base hair color can adopt the incredible pop of caramel. Besides it gives you the chance to create a fuller and deeper-looking hairstyle. Caramel highlights tend to bring a tender and trendy touch to any hairstyle be it straight, wavy or curly.

Playful Rainbow Hair Colors

Frisky, bright, hilarious, playful; whatever you may call it rainbow hair colors are the most unusual yet popular shades all over the world. The question why girls dye their mane in the bright hues of rainbow has one clear answer; they tend to show off their girlish and playful nature. The truth is that rainbow hair colors grab much attention and make you stand out in the public. They highlight your individuality and speak a lot about your way of thinking, lifestyle and taste. rainbow hair colors 2017The tendency of wearing rainbow hair colors first of all comes from the unique celebrities who are not afraid of huge transformations. Among them we can see Katy Perry, Kesha, Rita Ora, Nicki Minaj, Avril Lavigne and many others. Some of them have even gone for different rainbow experiments for several times.

Dark Red Hair Color Inspiration for 2017

Do you need a new inspo for your red hair or have you just decided to pull off a trendy dark red hair color in 2017? This triumph of red shades is the best guide to the most luxurious and sophisticated deep red hair colors. All of the represented options are the latest shiny red hues for light and dark complexions. Check them out and opt for the hue that goes well with your complexion.dark red hair colors 2017Dark Red Hair Colors and Light Skin Tone

Let’s first of all discuss the most flattering dark red hair colors for light skin tones. Generally most dark reds works ideal with dark skin tones and deep brown to black eyes but what about cool complexions? In this case one should be careful to pick the right tint in order to have the well-balanced and beautiful effect. Among the best shades of red that compliment light skin tones you can find dark copper, burgundy, mahogany and Marsala.

Awesome Light Hair Highlights for 2017

We often speak about dark, bold or vibrant highlights but the subtlest ones are light hair highlights for 2017. They come with the tender spring and hot summer seasons to lighten up our hair color and to make us look more feminine and attractive. So, without wasting any tie we pass on to the representation of the light hair highlights which include the many delicate shades of blonde, pastel and silver. Keep on reading to make the right choice between the mentioned stunning hair highlighting ideas for this year.  light hair highlights for 2017Light Blonde Highlights for Dark Hair

It’s obvious that blonde hair colors find their light highlights easier than dark tresses. When you have dark hair you should make a careful choice among light blonde highlights.  Not every shade of blonde looks nice on dark hair. It’s important create a pleasing effect not to look like clown. Whatever you may try out the final effect is contrasting.

2017 Subtle Ash Blonde Hair Colors

It is a well-known fact that blonde hair grabs attention and embraces your cuteness. But since women like new experiments and often switch up their look with new hair colors here we represent to you the most beautiful looks of ash blonde hair color for 2017. Though shiny and glossy shades of blonde are more popular but ash blonde has kits special room in the fashion industry. It’s a subtle blonde hair color both with matte and sparkling hues in it that make the many tones of light blonde so rich and attractive.ash blonde hair colors 2017Ash blonde is the shade that tends to turn the heads and keeps all the attention on your delicate hairstyle. There are light, medium, natural and a bit dark ash blonde hues about which we will speak separately. Many use these shades to highlight their warm blonde hair colors and to get a lighter effect.

Glam Pastel Purple Hair Color 2017

Light plam, lavender, and lilac: all of the mentioned shades are the lovely and glamorous pastel purple hair colors for 2017. They come after the popular pastel pink and tend to be more requested in salons. Today we are not amused by the variety of pastel hairstyles but one thing is obvious; we love the tender effects of pastel shades on short, medium, long, curly and straight hairstyles.light purple hair colors 2017 They work well with any type of hair and bring the subtle cotton touch to hairstyles. On the other hand pastel hues make hairstyle quite soft and exquisite. This is the main reason why ladies with short pixie cuts go for pastel hair colors. But today we are focused on the pastel purple hair color to give you a new source of inspiration in your world of hair coloring.    

Ravishing Pink Hair Color Inspiration

Get ready for the warm spring and summer season by pink haircolors.  Who said there are only blonde, brunette and red hair colors? We love to dye our hair in more dramatic and attractive shades like pink. This feminine and ravishing hair color is considered as one of the most seductive shades that makes you look like an alive doll standing here and waiting for her prince. We are now admired and attracted by this astounding hair color but have also discovered the charm of its many hues. Here they are!pink hair colors 2017Pastel Pink Hair Color

Well, the lightest pink hair color is in pastel shades. It is recommended to take if you hair is light or bleached into a light blonde hair color. You can pull off a pastel pink hair color on any haircut and hairstyle. It makes curls look like cotton and softens straight, pixie and boyish hairstyles. Pastel pink goes well with cool complexions and light eyes. If you have such then amuse your friends with your brand new hairstyle in pastel pink.

5 Trendy Hair Colors from Hollywood for 2017

Women often switch up their look with trendy hair colors. Actually it’s the best way to have fun and to become prettier at the same time. That’s why famous celebrities go for huge changes more frequently than common women. They are not afraid of new experiments and always give us cool ideas on how to embrace our appearance. This time we are captured by the opulent 5 trendy hair colors for 2017 from celebrities. We have created such a collection, so that you can easily find your red, brunet or blonde shade.celebrity hair colors 2017Soft Black Hair Color from Eva Green

I know there are big fans of the powerful black hair color. But as trends change by time you need to change your black shade too. Eva Green is one of the most inspiring black-haired ladies who has light skin tone and green eyes. She opts for soft and tender black hair colors which look quite natural and highlight the charm of her complexion. However both dark and light skin tones look delicate with soft black hair.

2017 Amazing Dark Ombre Hair Colors

Black, red and brunette ombre hair colors are considered as the most glamorous dark ombre hair colors for 2017. Actually these are also known as classic ombre hair colors which are ready to beautify your hair. It is a well-known fact that long hair is a plus for any kind of ombre but today’s innovative and creative hair coring ideas allow us to create more fascinating ombre hair colors on any length of hair. Check out the best list of dark ombre hair colors to use this year.dark ombre hair color 2017Black to Red Ombre Hair Color

Naturally black hair color almost always requires attention and updates. If you are tired of your monotone dark hair color then opt for the black to red ombre. Keep the roots in their natural dark shade or dye in a jet black and go for red on the tips. Choose burgundy, auburn or dark Marsala red hair colors in order to create a harmonious effect between the two dark shades. Once you dye the tips in a red shade your hair becomes warmer and hotter.

Rose Gold Hair Color Trend for 2017

Looking to rock a brand new and subtle hair color this spring or summer? The lovely rose gold with a pinkish touch in it is a real glossy shade for those who like the pastel effect combined with golden hues. Rose gold is a perfect hair color for natural blondes and it’s able to make a statement. These pictures of the latest rose gold hair color for 2017 are going to keep your eyes on one of the most elegant and feminine trends for this year.rose gold hair colors 2017 From natural blondes to brunettes there are great chances to rock the rose gold so daintily and beautifully. This shade goes well with many complexions but before you may jump right in it, make sure you have chosen the right hue for your eyes, current base hair color and skin tone.