Pale Golden Blonde Hair for 2017

Natural blonde hair owners are really lucky because they can easily achieve all shades of blonde. Today we are going to represent you pale golden blonde shade for 2017. Like brown, blonde shades are diverse, the best blonde shades are: platinum, ashy, golden, beige, honey, strawberry, caramel. Look how many choices you have, plus you can also choose light or dark shades of these hues.trendy pale golden blonde hair for 2017Both golden blonde and golden brown hair colors are very popular among celebrities and non-celebrities. Pale golden blonde is even whiter version of this shade. It is important to know if your skin tone and eye color is perfect for this shade or not.

Auburn Hair Highlights for 2017

Each time by presenting you new hair color ideas we prove that there are many ways of styling your hair. You just need to be focused on your style and decide which look you need to adopt. Before going to any hair color first of all decide if you like to be blonde, brunette or redhead. All colors are unique and beautiful. People are different and their preferences are different. Some people think that blonds are cuter, others like brunettes and some of them dream about being a redhead.Auburn hair highlights 2017Modern techniques give you that opportunity to get the hairstyle that you want. Once you decide the shade that you want to wear you will easily get it. Well, today we will represent you auburn highlights for 2017.

5 Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas for 2017

You are looking for new inspiring hair colors? If yes, then you are in the right place because we have selected the coolest ombre hair ideas for 2017. Ombre is the best solution when you don’t feel like going for dramatic changes. Well, let me remind you that if you want to have spiffy ombre locks according to modern standards, you need to talk with your hair ombre hair color ideas for 2017Those, who are ready to experiment with the most unnatural yet sexy shades, should consider bold ombre styles, however true fans of natural-looking tints shouldn’t go far from the base of their natural hair hue. Now let’s see our offers, who knows, maybe one of them will grab your attention and be your next hair color

New Pixilated Hair Color Ideas for 2017

I am here to help women who are looking for the latest hair color ideas. You like to be bold and attractive? Do it with eye-catching pixilated hair colors. Both the name and the technique are pretty catchy. After seeing these sassy and vibrant shades many women admit that the tints are absolutely unique. Revolutionary 2017 pixel hair colors came to stay. Very first wearers of pixilated hair were bold models, but I assure you, nowadays you don’t need to be a model in order to adopt it. Beside all metallic pastel shades, pixilated hair will not surprise anyone. Just a little courage and you will achieve.unique pixe hair colors for 2017 Beside all metallic pastel shades, pixilated hair will not surprise anyone. Just a little courage and you will achieve. Feel free to wake your inner bold girl up. The most important thing about pixilated hair is that they are completely harmless compared with many other hair coloring techniques. Even though you cannot achieve it by your own.

Amazing Blue and Purple Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Nowadays more and more ladies show interest to experiment with the most extravagant hair colors. Maybe many years ago it would be a rare thing to see girls with purple, blue or any other impressive shade but today it is common among girls. Everyone looking at these delicious hair colors will dream to have one of them and purple hair color ideas for 2017

If you are bold enough to get a style that will grab attention and make you stand out, you should definitely check out 2017 blue and purple hair colors. With such hair you are really going to make a new statement.

Best Brown Shades and Hairstyles for 2017

When it comes to hairstyles, we always need to think about hair color too. There are many shades that you may wear. But you should find a hue which is exactly for your complexion.Brown shades and hairstyles for 2016 If you have decided to dye your natural hair then get ready to meet with some failures. Many girls even took a year for finding the best shade for them. I hope you will find your shade immediately. If you have brown hair then you can see here the best brown shades and hairstyles for 2016.

Best Black Hair Color Ideas for 2017

If you have natural blonde hair, I am sure one time in your life you have imagined yourself wearing black shades. You may take your chance and surprise all your friends by transforming from one look to another. The best way to do it will be changing your natural hair color. Do not fear to go for changes, of course you will need some time to find the best shade for you but beauty costs some sacrifices. Follow our article to find the best black hair colors for hair color ideas 2017Before you will take coloring kit, try to know all important facts about hair colors, in this way you can find the best option for you. A new hair color can bring some miracles into your life. It is time to go for a magical transformation.

Cool Hair Highlights by Celebrities

Hair highlight lovers get ready because you are going to see the most impressive hair highlights by celebrities. Confidence comes from amazing hairstyle and perfect outfit. So, do not hesitate to go for changes in order to get more and more self confidence.Hair Highlights by celebritiesIf we want to know everything about fashion then we should follow celebrities because we can see them wearing new hair colors pretty often. We can say that in some ways it is even impossible to keep up with them. By the way I hope that you will like selected hair highlights for you.

Hair Color Ideas by Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson is a popular actress from the movie “50 shades of Grey”.  Apart from being a hard-working and professional actress she is also a gorgeous lady who fascinates with her different looks. Today we have decided to select the best hair color ideas by beautiful Dakota Johnson and provide you with some inspiring looks.Dakota Johnson best hair color ideas

The key to achieve these incredible shades is hidden behind a right chosen hair color.  When you check out her pictures, you will notice that the hues her colorists choose, flatters her skin tone and makes her eye color pop up.

Pastel Ombre Hair for 2017

Nowadays there are many ways to change your hairstyle. If you want to introduce something new into your daily life then you should think about cool hair color ideas. Ombre style is not new in fashion industry; we can say that day by day they are creating new ways of sporting an ombre hair.pastel ombre hair for 2017If you are someone who doesn’t afraid to go for various experiments in order to draw attention, then you are in the right place because if you go on reading you will see the most impressive pastel ombre hair  for 2017.