Kylie Jenner’s New Hair Colors for 2017

There are celebrities who always amuse us with their unexpected and unique transformations, hair color and hairstyle makeovers. Some have already become trendsetters in the fashion industry and don’t surprise us with their new experiments. We are just used to see them in edgy, unusual and unique hair colors and always expect something more creative. Kylie Jenner is one of those Hollywood stars who is in the center of attention due to her fame, lifestyle and overall style.  Today we’ll unlock her world of new hair colors for 2017. Keep your eyes on some of the experiments to try this summer.Kylie Jenner hair colors 2017Kylie Jenner Peach Hair Color

The monotone yet so eye-catching peach hair color which is closer to warm gingers is one of the latest shades that Kylie has chosen to make a statement. During the first weekend at Coachella she was in a trendy log, straight and sleek peach colored hairstyle which warms up her complexion and draws attention to her dark eyes.

2017 Dark Funky Hair Colors with Edgy Hairstyles

In spite of the opinions that funky hair colors are ridiculous there are such shades that look marvelous on hair. We have found some great dark funky hair colors for 2017 to inspire you with new, fresh fun and bright hues. If you have decided to take your hairstyle to the next level then start with a brand new funky hair color. Each of these shades is able to change your entire look and to make it more ye-catching. Just consult with a stylist to pick the right tint.funky hair colors 2017Dark Green Hair Color and Faux Bob

Dark green is a mysterious and shiny hair color for brunettes. It best goes with black hair and tends to make it deeper and richer in shades. Dark green is not only a flashy but also a cool hair color that brings out light complexions. One can match it with her green eyes and get a well-balanced effect. As for the hairstyles. Here is a trendy faux bob hat you can style on your dark green hair to showcase the silky and shiny hues.

Hottest Fiery Red Hair Colors 2017

Coloring hair into a striking and flashy shade is so common these days that we are not surprised on the fun, unusual and original changes that women undergo. We see hair in all shades and hues which inspire us to pull off a new and totally different hair color for this or that season. However, when it comes to red hair colors we are offered both natural-looking and dramatic shades. Many of us are interested in the latest and hottest fiery red hair colors for 2017. So, here they are!red hair colors 2017Deep Fiery Red Hair Color

Rich, dark and deep red hair colors worn on short pixie or longer hairstyles are very attractive and glamorous shades especially when you want to add an illusion of fullness for your thin hair. This shade best goes with straight and funky hairstyles. It is ideal for dark-skinned women and tends to display the lightness of cool complexions. The touch of the blood-y effect mingled with the flame of the fire create an astounding and incredible depth for hair.

Gorgeous Bronde Hair Color 2017

A professional hair colorist Nikki Lee who styles many hairstyles of celebrities including Sarah Hyland and Emma Roberts in Hollywood represents the trendy bronde hair color for 2017. Bronde is a pretty mixture of blonde and brown shades which go well with most skin tones. It is a universal shade that loos fantastic on everyone and tends to look as natural as possible. If you are considering a new hair color for this year then bronde is the right thing to experiment with. bronde hair colors 2017Consult with a skillful hair colorist who is able to get the most flattering hue for your complexion and eye color. Actually she tells the secret of the most attractive bronde hair colors. According to her technique one should achieve the bronde by lifting the natural base hair color two or three tone and the main reason why your hair won’t end up looking stripe-y is that the colorist adds highlights.

Amazing Multi-Tonal Hair Highlights

While many are familiar with the common hair highlighting options smarter and more creative hairstylist create multi-tonal hair highlights. The versatility of this style is limitless and always requires the wearer’s and stylist’s imagination. So, if you have decided to add more than two shades on your hair as highlights but don’t know what could be the best matching for your hair, the here are the best examples for you. Take a look and be inspired for 2017.multi-tone hair highlights 2017Rainbow Highlights

The first shades that come in mind as multi-tone highlights are rainbow hair colors. Today they are very popular among women of all age groups. The bright shades of rainbow are able to bring the glamorous and girlish touch as well as to provide with a festive look. Both blondes and brunettes can find the right rainbow shades for their hair. Women with light mane are welcome to opt for light and pastel rainbow highlights, while darker locks look nice with bright and vibrant rainbow highlights.

Sombre Hair Color Inspiration for 2017

Let me represent to you one of the biggest hair color trends for 2017; sombre hair color. While many are admired of the classic ombre coloring technique some have already fallen in love with the one called sombe. So, what is the sombre coloring method? Actually it’s closer to the ombre style but there are some differences. Compared with ombre sombe is subtler and more natural-looking. Like in the case of ombre hair colors here again we meet dark roots and lighter ends of hair.sombre hair colors 2017 If ombre shows of the big difference between the two tones sombre provides with a cool mixture of two tones and this the secret why it looks more natural than ombre. Though you get your tips lighter but this happens gradually and more harmoniously. It seems as if you dark shade melts into a lighter one keeping its ravishing softness. You can get a stunning ombre hair color even on your natural shade using a lighter hair color for the medium part and for the tips.

Celebrity Black Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Black hair considered as one of the classiest and powerful styles is very popular among many Hollywood stars. After all the experiments of highlights, ombre ad two-tone hair colors come the shiny, monotone and trendy hair colors which can’t be compared with any other posh style. Among the monotone shades black hair color has made a great comeback with all its glossy, jet, ash-y and raven shades. If you need a new inspiration of the trendy black hair color in 2017 then you are in the right place. The examples of the black-haired celebrities will help you to find out the most suitable hue of black for your complexion and eye hue. So, let’s be admired by the most powerful celebs who wear black hair colors 2017 celebrityKaty Perry Black Hair Color

Did you know that Katy Perry is a natural blonde? Well, a few people remember her in blonde hair as she started her career by changing her hair colors. But the most fascinating fact about this talented and beautiful singer is that whichever hair color she pulls off she looks gorgeous. We have seen her in many dramatic shades, rainbow colors, blondes and black and luckily all of the experiments just highlight her incredible beauty. This light-skinned and light-eyed lady is very attractive in jet black hair color which seems to be her natural hair color. just look at her flawless appearance; it’s an inspiring experiment for many natural blondes who want to switch up their look.

Lavishing Caramel Highlights for 2017

Switch up your look with trendy caramel highlights in 2017. One of the sweetest and delicious hair colors in the fashion industry is the lavishing caramel. It is a great hair color with all its light and dark hues especially when it comes to highlights, lowlights and dip dye ideas. Luckily the rich hair color palette allows us to opt for the best and the most flattering caramel shade for our skin tone, eye hue and base hair color. caramel highlights for hair 2017Being a cool mixture of dirty blonde, light brown and warm tones caramel goes well almost with all complexions. Literary any base hair color can adopt the incredible pop of caramel. Besides it gives you the chance to create a fuller and deeper-looking hairstyle. Caramel highlights tend to bring a tender and trendy touch to any hairstyle be it straight, wavy or curly.

Playful Rainbow Hair Colors

Frisky, bright, hilarious, playful; whatever you may call it rainbow hair colors are the most unusual yet popular shades all over the world. The question why girls dye their mane in the bright hues of rainbow has one clear answer; they tend to show off their girlish and playful nature. The truth is that rainbow hair colors grab much attention and make you stand out in the public. They highlight your individuality and speak a lot about your way of thinking, lifestyle and taste. rainbow hair colors 2017The tendency of wearing rainbow hair colors first of all comes from the unique celebrities who are not afraid of huge transformations. Among them we can see Katy Perry, Kesha, Rita Ora, Nicki Minaj, Avril Lavigne and many others. Some of them have even gone for different rainbow experiments for several times.

Dark Red Hair Color Inspiration for 2017

Do you need a new inspo for your red hair or have you just decided to pull off a trendy dark red hair color in 2017? This triumph of red shades is the best guide to the most luxurious and sophisticated deep red hair colors. All of the represented options are the latest shiny red hues for light and dark complexions. Check them out and opt for the hue that goes well with your complexion.dark red hair colors 2017Dark Red Hair Colors and Light Skin Tone

Let’s first of all discuss the most flattering dark red hair colors for light skin tones. Generally most dark reds works ideal with dark skin tones and deep brown to black eyes but what about cool complexions? In this case one should be careful to pick the right tint in order to have the well-balanced and beautiful effect. Among the best shades of red that compliment light skin tones you can find dark copper, burgundy, mahogany and Marsala.