Rose Gold Hair Color Trend for 2017

Looking to rock a brand new and subtle hair color this spring or summer? The lovely rose gold with a pinkish touch in it is a real glossy shade for those who like the pastel effect combined with golden hues. Rose gold is a perfect hair color for natural blondes and it’s able to make a statement. These pictures of the latest rose gold hair color for 2017 are going to keep your eyes on one of the most elegant and feminine trends for this year.rose gold hair colors 2017 From natural blondes to brunettes there are great chances to rock the rose gold so daintily and beautifully. This shade goes well with many complexions but before you may jump right in it, make sure you have chosen the right hue for your eyes, current base hair color and skin tone.

2017 Warm Copper Hair Colors

Copper is a warm shade or red that makes hair so shiny, healthy-looking and glossy. There are many dark and light stunning hues of copper which generally go well with light complexions that have pink undertones and with light green or blue eyes. The best copper hair colors for 2017 are mostly seen among celebrities and attractive models. You can see copper red worn by Emma Stone, Christina Hendricks, Alyson Hannigan, Marcia Cross, Rose McGowan and many others.copper hair colors 2017Light Copper Hair Color

Sometimes lights shades of copper look like natural ginger hair colors and women wearing the shiny light copper seem to be natural redheads. Even celebrities who wear it for a long time are soon considered as inspiring redheads. Light copper is a sun-kissed hair color and it likes to show off its charm under the rays of the sun. The most beautiful light copper hairstyles are curls, loose waves, long layered haircuts and sometime medium textured or messy hairstyles.

Hottest Hair Colors for Black Women 2017

Women all over the word dye their hair for several essential reasons. One of them is highlighting their individuality. Hair colors for black women have undergone a great progress and what we see today is all about embracing the charm of dark skin and dark eyes due to lighter shades. Thus, it’s the high time to showcase the real you thanks to one of these hot hair colors for black women in 2017. Be it red, blonde or brunette your hair will surely become shinier and more attractive in one of the below represented colors for black women 2017Auburn Hair Color for Black Women

When the dark wine-y auburn hair color knocked the doors of the fashion world we realized that it has come to beautify dark hair. Being a perfect shade for dark-skinned ladies it is worn by the majority of celebrities who have tanned and darker complexions. Rihanna is one of the most inspiring black women who has rocked this shade with great pleasure. It is awesome and rick both on straight and curly hairstyles. As a result you get a fantastic and incredible charm as well as draw more attention. The dark auburn hair color looks better on long hairstyles.

Amazing Blonde Hair Highlights 2017

Whether you have blonde hair or dark there are amazing blonde highlights to use in 2017. We, women get tired of the same shades and often need something new, more fascinating, attractive and beautiful. The options of blonde highlights are absolutely endless and they come up with various cool ideas. Let’s check out the most inspiring blonde highlights for different base hair colors.blonde highlights 2017Platinum Blonde Highlights for Light Hair

In order to lighten up your current hair color platinum blonde highlights are the greatest and the most fashionable hues for you. They are shiny and tend to add a natural-looking shine to your light blonde hair. Platinum blonde highlights work well with many light blonde shades, cool complexions and light eye hues. It is one of the most popular hair colors for 2017 but many use it as a highlighting tint.

2017 Delicate Pastel Hair Highlights

When everything is done with the common and classic highlights we look for a more fascinating and attractive idea to embrace our femininity. Luckily professional stylists provide us with the desired and incredible ideas. One of them is the pastel highlighting. Nowadays we are not surprised by colorful hair and hairstyles. Moreover, we are admired by the latest pastel highlights for 2017. This subtle trick of adding a glam touch to your hairstyles is quite popular and demanded. Here is a full guide to the most fashionable pastel highlights for different base hair colors.pastel highlights for hair 2017Pastel Pink Highlights for Blonde Hair

Pink and blonde combination seems to be limitless. This is, probably the most astounding light combo you can ever meet in the fashion world. The first experiment we saw were opted by stunning models. Ladies with naturally blonde hair look amazing with pink highlights. They tend to warm up cool complexions and go well with light eyes. If you feel as if you are going to get tired of your pink highlights soon, then go for hair chalks, but believe in me you instead of getting tired you will fall in love with your new hairstyle.

Grey Hair Color Ideas from Celebrities

Grey hair is for everyone and whether you already have gray or not one day you are supposed to notice this shade on your hair. However some are inpatient and reasonably go for the ravishing grey hair color in 2016. Due to many celebrities today grey has become a big trend and is used by younger women who don’t have even a single grey strand on their hair. celebrity grey hair color 2017Kylie Jenner, Pink, Kelly Osbourne, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Dasha Polanco and Rita Ora are the most famous celebrities who have gone for different shades of grey throughout their hairstyle makeover. Each of them had her own style and shade of grey which allows us to copy the best grey hair color for our skin tone and base hair color.

2017 Awesome Reddish Brown Hair Colors

Any shade of reddish brown is able to provide your hair with depth, dimension, extra-shine and rich triumph of red and brown hues. Generally natural brunettes who need some change in their hairstyle start with the reddish brown hair colors. From medium to dark there are hot reddish browns that you can match with your complexion. Here you can check out the most delightful and awesome reddish brown hair colors for 2017. Use one of them as a permanent shade for your red, brunette or even blonde hair to get the sophisticated, seductive and glamorous look.reddish brown hair colors 2017Medium Reddish Brown Hair Color

The most natural-looking brown shade with reddish hues is the medium reddish brown. Compared with many brown and dark red hair colors it is quite light and glossy. This hair color reminds us of the stunning dark golden brown mingled in the warmness of the reddish tones. Light to medium skinned ladies with pink undertone may try this hair color in 2017 to add a healthier and shinier touch to their current base hair color and hairstyle.

Two-Tone Hair Color Ideas for 2017

The bolder your hair color the more eye-catching it is. However there are some important rules when it comes to edgy hair colors. The trendy two-tone hair colors for 2017 mainly include the natural-looking sombre, cool ombre and the popular dip dyed shades. Ladies who are in a search of a new two-tone hair color the check out the most beautiful bold and subtle two-tone hair colors to try this year. Before pulling off any of these hair colors make sure you always follow the instructions.two-tone hair colors for 2017Dip-Dye Hair Colors

Dip dye is the technique which requires the tips of your hair. The longer the air the more beautiful dip-dye looks. In this case there are several methods to use to achieve the dip-dye hair color. If you want to get a vibrant result on naturally dark hair then pre-lighten with help of the LIVE Lightener like the high-quality Max Blonde 00B. After this you can apply the chosen shade to the ends of your locks and leave for 30-45 minutes and then rinse with hair color protective shampoo and conditioner.

2017 Hottest Purple Hair Colors

Purple is an unusual shade for hair. It is seldom in the street but celebrities like to experiment with many shades of purple from dark to light. It is a bold and eye-catching hair color with different ravishing tones which work with various complexions. The hottest purple hair colors for 2017 include the violet, dark, reddish, ombre and pastel hues. These are trendy purple hair color ideas to use this year. Now, let’s discuss each separately.  purple hair colors for 2017Vibrant Purple Hair Color

The violet or vibrant purple is the flashiest purple hair color. It goes well with most skin tones and looks attractive on hair. The rick purple shades sparkle beautifully and make your hair look thicker and more voluminous. This unique shade of purple compliments dark eyes and tends to bring out the charm of light eye hues.

Platinum Blonde Hair Color Trend for 2017

The lightest blonde hair color that you can meet in the rich hair color palette is the popular platinum blonde, nowadays it is the favorite shade of many celebrities including Kim Kardashian who is a natural brunette but pulls off the white blonde as if she is a natural blonde. Platinum blonde hair color is a big trend for 2017 and it is one of the most requested shade in salons. In spite of the fact that it’s not an easy task to go for the platinum blonde especially when your hair dark, the majority of stylish women like to experiment with it.platinum blonde hair colors 2017There are whitish and yellowish platinum blonde tones which allow us to rock the right shade for our complexion. No matter you have a cool or dark skin tone platinum blonde is always there for you. Generally hair colorist don’t recommend to pull off the platinum blonde at home and they are right as, first of all it demand deep bleaching, then healing and after this dying.