2017 Latest Hair Colors by Guy Tang

Guy Tang is a Hollywood hairstylist and balayage, ombre expert. According to him your hair is the biggest fashion accessory you can’t take off, instead you can make a fashion statement. It is not surprising that the most popular fashion bloggers and models such as Huda Kattan, Jordan Underwood prefer his services. If you follow his Instagram page, you will be stunned with new hair colors every day. He is the best inspiration for all ladies out there. He says “I love creating art with hair”! Well, his works prove that these are not just words thrown in the air.  Read on to see some amazing hair color for 2017 by Guy Tang.2017 Latest Hair Colors by Guy TangDelicate Pink and Coral Hair Color

Guy Tang knows how to mix the shades to achieve a unique and headturner hair color. This particular design is a mix of delicate pink and coal tones. The colors are worn on medium length hair and styled in right-in-trend waves. Guy Tang not only creates gorgeous hair colors but also picks up right hairstyles for the colors.

Ombre Ideas for Long Straight Hair for 2017

Ombre hair is beautiful and interesting particularly when it is bold and fierce. Straight hair is another way to demonstrate your colors without a ton of effort. You can achieve one of these looks with the help of a skilful hair colorist and flat iron. The ombre ideas for long straight hair for 2017 are really limitless. Below I have selected some of them, check out and get inspired from.  Ombre Ideas for Long Straight Hair for 2017Light to Dark Ombre

Traditional ombre pattern entails transitioning from dark to light shade but this one is the opposite version of common ombre designs. Just mix thing up and try out a reverse ombre. This creative ombre style will accessorize your long straight hair. Dark tips are great option for ladies who want to keep their strands healthy and flashy. Anyway lighter roots require frequent touchups.

Edgy Blue Ombre Hair Ideas for 2017

Blue ombre hair ideas for 2017 remind us of fantasy creatures such as fairies and mermaids. Somehow girls always dream to have an ethereal look of a mermaid or fairy, so nowadays it is possible. It is not as hard as you may think, since you just need to find a good hair colorist. Well, you can try to re-create mermaid blue ombre hair at home, but you need to be extra careful since the risk of damaging your strands is high, particularly when you have natural dark strands. It is better to choose your favorite blue ombre and head to your colorist.Edgy Blue Ombre Hair Ideas for 2017Oil Slick Blue Ombre

Dark-haired ladies tend to avoid pastel shades but there is really no need to do it since the things have changed up. Colorists have created new techniques that allow them to pull off various bright hues. In this particular hairstyle, the oil slick technique has been used to blend brown and blue hues together. The result is incredible and it looks stunning on longer strands. Dear brunettes, feel free to rock pastels.

Natural Hair Colors You Need to Try in 2017

If you have spent all summer growing out your mane then it is the best moment to sport a cool hair color. It is not necessary to cut your long strands to have some changes since a new hair color is the best option to mess the things up. In winter you don’t have to worry about the sun and its impact on your locks. So here we are with some natural hair colors for 2017 that are still in mainstream. It seems solid hair tints will never leave hair trend even if we are truly in love with all those sweet and candy shades.Natural Hair Colors You Need to Try in 2017Rose Gold Blonde with Dark Roots

If you want to have stylish and modern hairstyle, try to keep most brightness around the face while staying a bit darker in the roots. This makes maintenance lower and adds some depth to the strands. This hair color works really well on women with warmer skin tones and it will definitely bring out the beauty of honey eyes. If you want to re-create this hairstyle ask your hair colorist to add some rich rose gold hues to your blonde strands.

Sweet Mint Green Hair Ideas

Cotton candy hair colors are still our favorite options for upcoming seasons. Some women still desire to pull off pink, purple and other sweet shades. Well, today we have decided to represent another yummy hair color- mint green hair. Mint green is a cool, refreshing hue that is great for warmer seasons of the year. Anyway, check out these incredible mint green hair ideas, maybe you will want to go green right now. If you have light base then you will easily achieve it otherwise you will need to bleach your strands.Sweet Mint Green Hair IdeasMint Green Hair with Dark Roots

Here is a multi-shaded pastel turquoise hair that creates an incredible hairdo. These pastels have been combined with darker roots to provide with a better look. It is a great option for brunettes who don’t want to go for all over pastels. However these hues look cooler when worn with an equally cool hairdo such as braided messy buns.

Balayage for Every Hair for 2017

Hair strobing! Tiger eye! Eclipting! Color trends come and go before you can even manage to try them. The balayage has become popular in 2014 but it is still in trend. It is a great option for newbies and it doesn’t require the insane upkeep of coloring all of your strands. If you are looking for changes, go on reading since we have gathered gorgeous pictures of balayage hair for 2017 to provide you with the prettiest hair color ever.Balayage for Every Hair for 2017Golden Balayage Hair

It is impossible to go wrong with gold tones particularly when you have darker skin complexion. Of course women of color can pull off and own most of shades but reds, golds and coppers look especially great on them. You can recreate this look on your natural dark strands. When it comes to styling, you don’t have to do anything else rather than showing off your natural texture.

New “Tiger Eye” Hair Color Ideas for 2017

After balayage hair technique, many ladies make their mind never look back again. Balayage continues to be the biggest obsession of the year. Tiger eye hair color is the update of balayage we’ve been waiting for. This new trend uses warm tones on dark hair to achieve the same effect we have come to expect from hand painted highlights. It got its name from the stone know as ‘Tiger Eye”. It is an ancient stone that has been worn for protection and confidence. The stone involves rich brown and gold tones.  Have a look at these “tiger eye” hair colors for 2017 and find new ways to accessorize your dark mane.New Tiger Eye Hair Color Ideas for 2017Dark Hair with Caramel Highlights

The warm and sweet tones will definitely accessorize your dark strands.  Caramel highlights have been professionally placed on black strands to achieve the effect of “tiger eye”. Her hair has been effortlessly styled to keep the look as much natural as possible. You can take it as some sort of organic chic. Anyway it is a low maintenance look that can be your next choice.

Midnight Blue Hair Color Ideas for 2017

We are still obsessed by pastel hair colors and we are far more fascinated by the darker takes on colorful trend. Today we are going to represent some midnight-blue hair colors for 2017. It is incredible to see popular colorists’ masterpieces and midnight blue shade is just one of them. Your locks can appear like anything from stormy ocean to a starry night sky. The best thing about this trend is that it can be rocked by everyone since it flatters almost all skin complexions. Women with cool skin tone should add a bit of more blue based purple while women with warmer skin tone should go for yellow-based green to suit their olive undertone. If you are not sure about your complexions, consult with your colorist.Midnight Blue Hair Color Ideas for 2017Midnight-Blue Hair

It is an excellent look stolen from Instagram. This midnight-blue strands look incredible with the model’s complexion. The strands on the crown have been smoothened while the rest of hair has a slight waviness. You can see that the glossy blue shade brings out the beauty of brown eyes. Anyway pulling off this shade you will still maintain your natural-looking appearance.

Artistic Graffiti Hair Color Ideas

We never stop to be amazed by the innovation when it comes to rainbow hair trends. Vibrant hidden roots, undercut tattoos are just a few examples of the most amazing trends that our skilful stylists came up. Nowadays we are pretty impressed by Janie Ker of Salon Aguayo’s graffiti hair color ideas. This trend has been first spotted on her Instagram page. It was incredible to see how flowers or other designs have been brought to life on her clients’ heads. The best thing about this trend is that it uses a temporary hair color, so you will not damage your stands. By the way getting an incredible new look is as easy as designing graffiti art. Read on to see some mind-blowing examples.Artistic Graffiti Hair Color IdeasSmiley Faces and Hearts Graffiti Hair

Isn’t it fun to have a hairstyle like this? If you feel like bringing some joy into your life, opt for this graffiti hairstyle. This gorgeous blonde girl has used this technique to introduce some smiles and pink hearts throughout her strands. It is a great look when you are getting ready for a special event or festival. Just a little courage and you will definitely rock with hair like this.

Rose Gold Ombre Hair for 2017

Rose gold hair is included into the list of the most appealing hair trends and it totally hits social media. Women want to do their own experiments with this ultra-feminine shade.  Rose gold comes in various styles and can be adopted even by brunettes. If you don’t have idea on how to pull off this shade, then check out these pictures of rose gold ombre hair for 2017 and get inspired from.Rose Gold Ombre Hair for 2017Rose Gold Balayage Ombre Hair

Rose gold shade will always provide you with a sophisticated and chic look regardless of the technique used to apply the colors. This particular design is the best proof of my words. It entails using the balayage technique to achieve a head-turning look like this one. The colors seamlessly blend into each other to accessorize the strands. Style your locks into waves to finish the style.