2017 Hottest Purple Hair Colors

Purple is an unusual shade for hair. It is seldom in the street but celebrities like to experiment with many shades of purple from dark to light. It is a bold and eye-catching hair color with different ravishing tones which work with various complexions. The hottest purple hair colors for 2017 include the violet, dark, reddish, ombre and pastel hues. These are trendy purple hair color ideas to use this year. Now, let’s discuss each separately.  purple hair colors for 2017Vibrant Purple Hair Color

The violet or vibrant purple is the flashiest purple hair color. It goes well with most skin tones and looks attractive on hair. The rick purple shades sparkle beautifully and make your hair look thicker and more voluminous. This unique shade of purple compliments dark eyes and tends to bring out the charm of light eye hues.vibrant purple hair color 2017Dark Purple Hair Color

The darker your complexion the more flattering dark purple looks. It is a deep hair color to match with dark eyes. Women go for the dark purple hair color when they are tired of the same black and other brunette shades. It makes their tresses fresher, shinier and richer in hues. However dark purple like the blue black shows off its purple shades only under a bright lightness. It looks like a soft black hair color in darkness. The best eye makeup for dark purple is smokey eyes.dark purple hair color 2017Reddish Purple Hair Color

Reddish purple which has the luscious shade of plum is another purple hair color for 2016. It has both burgundy red and purple hues which provide hair with depth and dimension. Sometimes it seems as if you have beautified your brunette or burgundy red hair in various purple highlights. The best hairstyles for reddish purple hair are long layered wavy ad curly styles.reddish purple hair color 2017Pastel Purple Hair Color

Pastel purple also called lavender and lilac is the lightest purple hair color eve. Compared with the previous shades it is softer, more harmonious and ethereal. In alight pastel purple hair color you will yourself more delicate and attractive. It is ideal for cool complexions and light eyes. Subtle makeups can be used to highlight the charm of this hair color. As for the hairstyles it goes well both with short and long cuts.lavender hair color 2017Purple Ombre Hair Color

There are many ways to use the purple to get an ombre hairstyle. The most popular one is the dark black roots and purple tips. The next is the two-tone purple hair color with dark purple roots and lighter tips. Another version is the pastel purple ombre which includes light purple shades. According to your hair length, type and skin tone you may opt for one of the mentioned styles. Those who have naturally dark hair can keep the roots in their natural shade and dip dye only the tips. And women in naturally blonde hair can dye the tips in a pastel purple hue. In both cases the result is fashionable, original, incredibly beautiful and well-balanced.purple ombre hair color 2017



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