2017/2018 Fresh Plum Hair Colors

Daring, feminine, catchy- these are the best words to describe 2017/2018 plum hair colors. It is a relatively vivid shade that will emphasize your face features. Indeed, it is not an easy task to choose an exact shade of plum, but undoubtedly, there is something to flatter your complexion. Before choosing a tint of plum for you, don’t forget to take into consideration your eye color and skin tone. However, it is not necessary to go for full commitment to rock plum. Some highlighted streaks of plum are more than enough to give a pop of color to your already existing hair shade. Go on reading, and explore the best ideas for you.Fresh Plum Hair Colors for 2018Plum Balayage Hair Color

If you want to achieve a max natural looking plum hair color, use balayage technique. It looks great particularly on dark hair, so dear brunettes you are welcome to try it. You can blend as many shades as you want for a unique plum tone. However, when it comes to this shade, work with your hairstylist for a better effect. It is the highest moment to give your locks extra pop with this feminine tone.Plum Balayage Hair ColorMulti-Colored Plum Hair Color

This is one of the best styles that you can customize for your own skin tone and eye color. Choose various shades of plum that complement each other and apply to your brunette locks. The combination of light and dark plums will create a multidimensional hair look. We highly recommend selecting the tones with your colorist, so that you will be sure that the tones work for you.Multi-Colored Plum Hair ColorMagenta Plum Hair Color

If you are looking for something brighter and bolder, consider magenta plum hair color. This shade is for those who think pink. Indeed, with a shade like this you can steal the spotlight. However, before wearing this tone, it’s important to take into consideration your complexion. Magenta plum flatters warm skin and makes hazel or blue eyes pop up.Magenta Plum Hair ColorMermaid Plum Hair Color

Here we have something subtler for ladies with fair skin tone. It is an excellent shade to bring out the rosy undertones of your skin tone. If you are a brunette, you should lift your hair to the highest level of blonde and only after that start your experiment with it. This hair color is right on-trend, just scroll down your Instagram feed and you will meet numerous beauty bloggers with a lovely unicorn hair like this. You can be a mermaid even with short strands.Mermaid Plum Hair ColorPurple Plum Hair Color

Next popular way of pulling off the plum, is to pair it with purples. Ask your hair colorist for a seamless blend of purple and plum for a flawless look like this. If it is applied through a right technique, you will definitely get a chic headdress. Purple Plum Hair Color



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