Blue and Purple Hair Ideas for 2017

Among various shades you can still pick the ones that show off your individuality. Some women try to stay far from eye popping shades such as green, purple, yellow etc., while others want to make a bold statement with these shades. Today I have selected 2017 blue and purple hair ideas that have a wonderful fantasy feel in them. There are many ways to wear it. From ombre to dips, there is a style to suit every girl. However, blue and purple tones can be blended over black, blonde and brunette colors.Blue and Purple Hair Ideas for 2017Purple Hair

This look has so many blue and purple details that it is hard to describe the color combo. There is a gorgeous pale blue along the tips with a blend of lavender and crenature blue hugging most of the locks. From the top to the bottom the bright highlights of mulberry and orchid spice up the locks. To add some magical feelings to the look the hair has been styled into big waves.Purple HairPurple Dip Dye

In this incredible ombre style the color comes from a light ash brown followed by gorgeous cobalt blue. The mixture of royal and pansy has been used to color the tips. When it comes to the styling, the strands were given messy beach waves look. This is the greatest way to adorn you short hair, isn’t it!Purple Dip DyePurple and Blue Streaks

This is not a look for those who are afraid to look different or stand out of the crowd. However, it will be better to wear your hair in a way that represents your individuality and personality. In this particular design the model has done her long hair in a chocolate brown shade and paired it with a royal blue splash on the one side and violet on the other side. Purple and Blue StreaksBlonde Dip Dye Hair

Dip effects are so trendy – particularly when you want to make a bold statement. The basic shade is honey butter blonde that covers the most part of the strands. Then blonde melts smoothly into indigo blue and true purple. The color blend is incredible and a simple wavy styling helps to showcase the beauty of this color combo.Blonde Dip Dye HairTurquoise Blend

If you have gorgeous blue eyes why not to indicate them with some beautiful hair color? This model is the best example: she has used turquoise shades for the upper hair that were melted into a mixture of vanilla and purple on the tips. It is too stunning and magical for words.Turquoise Blend



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