Stunning Blue and Purple Hair Colors for 2017

Blue and purple hair color isn’t just about combining these two tones together. Blue and purple shades have many sub-tones that make a wonderful combination. These tints provide a blend that makes your look vibrant and unique with a touch of royalty. Who said that pulling off a purple blue hair color has to be difficult? It mostly depends on your natural hair color – the lighter the easier. However to keep you updated, I have selected some inspirational ideas of blue purple hair colors for 2017. Just check them out because you may want to try one of these styles.Stunning Blue and Purple Hair Colors for 2017Blue and Purple Ombre

This is an amazing hair color that will definitely set you apart from the others. The color comes from blending dark midnight blue with a purple shade. Since the hues are on the dark spectrum, they look really well together. Give your locks some waves to showcase the spiffy transformation from one color to another. Wanted to stand out? Adopt this style!Blue and Purple OmbreMermaid Hair Color

Instead of going for traditional ombre patterns, settle for that unique alternation of the color. Just start by placing these two tones strategically to achieve a stunning headdress, Make sure that blue and purple hues are added equally. A good hair colorist will definitely make this shades appear shinier and softer. By the way this color will compliment your medium skin tone and bring out your eye purple hair colorBlue Purple Highlights

Choose multidimensional tones that are both vibrant and light. Start with a lighter tone and use pastel blue for the base. Then place some purple streaks close to the roots. Curl your locks to show off the lightness of the shades. This look requires skilful hands, so make sure that your colorist is professional enough to replicate this look.Blue Purple HighlightsRainbow Hair Color

The options are really diverse. Here is another way to experiment with blue purple hair colors. Maintain the dark shade at the roots and incorporate some streaks of purple, blue and mint green. You can even add some grey streaks to create light in the hair. Finish the look with a darker hue at the tips. This multi-tone hair color looks great on any hair length.rainbow purple and blue hair colorPastel Blue and Purple Ombre

This ombre pattern is a combination of blue, indigo and a touch of purple here and there. Actually it is a high-maintenance look that is great for upcoming seasons. However you will want to lift your hair to light blonde and then apply the shades. It is not recommended achieving this ombre look at home.Pastel Blue and Purple Ombre



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