Top 5 Pink Hair Color Ideas

We all love pink hairstyles and they are pretty popular. Nowadays you don’t need to worry about wearing unconventional shades since they have become as common as solid ones. Pink hair can be rocked in various ways. You can introduce some pink highlights throughout your strands and achieve a “Barbie Doll” look. Pink in highlights can make a really different impression. This jewel shade is being perfectly paired with other hues too. Go through our article and explore some genuine ideas for pink hair.Top 5 Pink Hair Color IdeasPurple and Pink Ombre

It is more than clear that ombre patterns involve more than two colors and pink ombre is not an exception too. It will be better to opt for the colors from the same color family although pink looks good with natural shades too. This purple and pink ombre is simply outstanding. It requires transitioning purple shade into pink. Brushed out curls are fantastic to bring out the beauty shades.Purple and Pink OmbrePink Highlights on Brown Hair

All pink highlights are being created differently! Here pink highlights have been placed throughout brown hair. The combination of brown and purple creates an ethereal look that works well on all hair types. However there are limitless shades that can be combined with a pink shade to create a sophisticated look. Finish your style, by giving the strands some messy waves.Pink Highlights on Brown HairCoral Pink Hair

Pink hair has many shades and we love all of them. Have you ever thought of wearing peach pink hue to accentuate your natural hair color? This picture can be the best inspiration for you. Peach pink highlights perfectly frame the face and give a feminine touch to the brown curls.  It is the best way to enhance the look of your natural curls. Just go for regular touchups to keep your strand fresh.Coral Pink HairRainbow Hair with Dark Roots

If you are still obsessed with the latest pastel shades, then this look is definitely for you. It requires pairing your pink with lavender and teal to get a multidimensional look. The darker roots make it low-maintenance. Thus this hair color works well for women with light to dark skin complexions. As soon as you get the color, ask your stylist for maintaining tips. Anyway, conditioners and shampoos for color-treated hair are “must”.Rainbow Hair with Dark RootsBeige Blonde with Rose Highlights

If you are looking for a subtle pink hairstyle, then this option is definitely for you. This style incorporates light shade of pink that is barely visible. As you see pink color works really well with blonde hair too. You can sport this style to draw attention and stand out from the crowd.Beige Blonde with Rose Highlights



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