Auburn Hair Colors to Try in 2018

Redhead ladies always grabbed attention. Be that a vibrant red or a dark auburn, they have always made a fashion statement. Having red hair is just amazing. Today we have included auburn hair colors for 2018 that can be copied by everyone. Auburn is a great shade when you want to rock a red hair color but not ready to go for a big commitment. It is neither too light nor too dark. Using an auburn tone, you may create an excellent reddish brown hair color. Pass through our article and find the best hair color options for you.auburn hair colorsChocolate Caramel and Auburn

When three sophisticated hair colors are being gathered, you are guaranteed to get the most incredible hair color ever. These tones are great for mixing. Indeed, if you opt for this color combo, you will not see many women wearing the shade like this. However, the most beautiful thing about this hair color is that it looks super natural. So, go ahead with it and make a fashion statement.Chocolate Caramel and AuburnDark Auburn Hair Color

If you are into darker shades, you shouldn’t think twice before rocking this dark auburn shade. It is a great idea both for redheads and brunettes. It is all about giving your hair a dark auburn shade without bleaching it. I assure you it is an absolutely low maintenance hair color that may last quite long. Indeed, dark auburn is the best tone for busy women.Dark Auburn Hair ColorLight Auburn Hair Color

It is a little bit lighter shade of auburn that will definitely bring out your redhead side. This shade works great particularly when you have fair skin tone and green or blue eyes and freckles. With this combination, this hair color is going to look super natural on you. Compared with the previous shade, this one requires a little bit more touchup but you will see that it is worth your effort and time.Light Auburn Hair ColorAuburn Hair Color with Highlights

Auburn hair color looks twice better when paired with hair highlights. The best example is showcased below. It is a light auburn enhanced with lighter tones of highlights. Note that the combination of tones adds some dimension and movement throughout the locks. Any hairstyle gets a sophisticated touch when rocked with this hair color.Auburn Hair Color with HighlightsMessy Braid in Dark Auburn

Here is another dark shade of auburn that is paired with a glossy chestnut hair color. The strands are pulled in a messy brad to bring out the tones inside the braid. This shade complements an array of skin tones and eye colors. It is another fascinating and cool way of rocking this ultra-feminine hair color.Messy Braid in Dark Auburn



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