Inspiring Red Hair Colors for 2017 from Hollywood Stars

Red hair is eye-catching and captivating. It is the only hair color that people consider both bold and natural because there are natural red shades as well as brighter and edgier red in the rich hair color palette. It’s always fascinating and hot that’s why celebrities like Lydia Hearst, Michelle Monaghan, Florence Welch, Kate Bosworth and Christina Hendricks prefer different red shades about which we will speak below. So, keep on reading to discover the most beautiful red hair colors for 2017 from Hollywood stars.celebrity red hair colors 2017Christina Hendricks Bright Copper Red Hair

Natural blonde Christina Hendricks looks ore that delightful in the bright copper red hair color. Many think that this is her natural hair color but luckily she is able to turn it into her natural blonde whenever she wants. It’s an interesting game that she likes to play time to time and amuses people around her. As a result many natural blondes get inspired by her girlish and seductive look. This is the best red hair color for her pale complexion with rosy undertones.Christina Hendricks red hair color 2017Lydia Hearst Mahogany Red Hair Color

Another natural brunette who has gone for a red hair color is the stunning model Lydia Hearst. This change from blonde to mahogany red was so unexpected that it completely transformed her into another astounding lady. It goes well with her light complexion and makes it sparkle even more beautifully. The deep and rich mahogany red shade adds extra-shine and visual thickness to her long luscious hair.lydia hearst mahogany red hair color 2017Michelle Monaghan Bronze Red Hair Color

As a gorgeous and inspiring actress Michelle Monaghan always sparkles with her brunette hairstyles but this me we see her in a bronze red shade which is very glossy and glamorous. It is one of the best choice she could ever make for her dark hair and light complexion. Bronze red makes her light eyes pop out more daintily than black shades. On the other hand red hair emphasizes her Irish roots.Michelle Monaghan bronze red hair 2017Florence Welch Vibrant Red Hair Color

Florence Welch made the vibrant red her signature shade. Now we can’t imagine her without his flashy hair color that compliments her pale complexion and brings out light eyes. Once she has turned her chestnut brown hair color into a red shade all eyes were on her lavishing and youthful appearance.  Florence Welch bright red hair color 2017Kate Bosworth Ginger Red Hair Color

She rock it like areal redhead. Doesn’t she? Our fabulous Kate Bosworth surprised us with her brand new ginger hair color. After the light blonde hair color now we are admired by the glamorous ginger red. It goes well with her light rosy skin tone and especially due to the coppery tints. The warm tone of the copper red warms up her complexion and creates a fresher appearance.Kate Bosworth red hair color 2017



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