New Maroon Hair Colors You Will Love

Maroon hair color is the most popular choice among redheads. It is a color that brings out the tenderness of your skin complexion while taking your whole look to a top notch. It can be combined with other shades as well. There are really lots of ideas for this hot and super popular color. I have selected some incredible maroon hair colors that will provide you with the best of the look and make you stand out in the crowd.New Maroon Hair ColorsMessy Magenta Hair Color

This color works really well with light, delicate skin complexions. Here the locks are tinted to magenta red and feature some lowlights that provide with texture and add some extra touch of elegance to the look. This classy hue does its best to take out some years out of your face. If you want to have a younger appearance then this color is the way to go.Messy Magenta Hair ColorDark Red Hair Color with Bangs

If you want to have a bold yet ultra feminine appearance then this style might just do the trick. It combines dark red and maroon shades in one look. This idea works well for women with banged haircut. The dark shade is a great match for a light skin tone. Keep your hair in a messy pattern for cool vibes.Dark Red Hair Color with BangsAwesome Burgundy with Black Base

This excellent maroon hue comes from red and black added to it. The overall color combination has been achieved with the genuine balayage technique. The base tone is black while the red and maroon highlights are professionally placed throughout the strands.  These tresses are styled in incredible waves to bring out the best of color combo.Awesome Burgundy with Black BaseRed-Purple Hair

Due to a right mix of colors you may get a vibrant look. Here the strands use ruby as the base tone that compliments well with purple highlights. This red-purple color will provide lots of depth and dimension. It is an excellent solution for women with long and wavy hair. Just make sure that this color combination is good for your complexion.Red Purple HairHoney Blonde Maroon Highlights

Can’t commit between blondes and redheads? With a headdress like this you don’t have to think long since it uses both blonde and red shades. It may seem a bit unexpected combination but the final design is just amazing and it is worth your effort. Anyway blonde and red shades will create a notable contrast. Try it and boost your confidence!Honey Blonde Maroon HighlightsMaroon and Pink Highlights

Spice up your look with maroon and pink highlights. It is an excellent idea to experiment with red and pink shades at the same time. The colors are worn on short pixie haircut where the strands are styled in a messy pattern. This is a simple, classic and super elegant look!Honey Blonde Maroon Highlights



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