Icy Silver Hair Colors for 2017

According to the latest predictions icy silver hair color is going to be the new trend of the year. It is impossible not to fall in love with the icy touch of the silver hair. One should be brave enough to try out one of these icy silver hair colors for 2017. It goes without saying that these shades are not easy to achieve but there are so many techniques that may provide your desired icy hair color. If you want to frost your strands in the right way, check out these pictures that we have gathered to inspire you.Icy Silver Hair Colors for 2017Balayage Icy Silver

Balayage is the best technique to add a new color to your locks. It involves blending cool and bright tones in a way that makes them melt into your natural hair color. Consequently any product produced by balayage technique will give you a natural-looking appearance. It is the most effortless way to rock colorful hair colors without changing your whole styling routine.Balayage Icy SilverSilver Ombre

Ombre patterns allow you to go from light to dark or dark to light. You can create a lovely transition of colors with grey tones. Keep the roots dark to mid-grey and go with an icy silver hue towards the tips. This lovely hair color will bring out your inner Ice Queen. Just make sure not to go for heavy makeup. Keep the things as simple as possible since the color is already pretty chic.Silver OmbreIcy Accents

Sometimes you just need to place some icy highlights to add a touch of sparkle to your lifeless locks. Choose the right shade of grey tone that complements your natural hair color. It is really amazing to experiment with a color that you have never tried before. The little details will definitely help you enhance your hair color.icy hair colorAll-Over Hair Color

When opting for a full grey hair color, you have to commit between dark and mid-toned icy hair shades. Try out a grey hair color that appears as a bit blue. Your shimmering silver strands will turn lots of heads wherever you walk in. It doesn’t matter which technique you will use to achieve the silver hue, we believe that whatever you choose you will get a real stunner.silver hair colorIcy Silver with Darker Roots

This particular look is great for ladies who are not ready to take the risk and go all-over silver. The darker roots reduce maintenance and free you from thinking of grown out roots. However it is still important to keep your silver locks fresh and healthy. Use sulfate-free shampoos and qualified hair conditioners.Icy Silver with Darker Roots



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