Pastel Hair Colors for Summer 2017

Pastel hair colors continue to tempt fashionistas and trendsetters. The appetite to rock cotton candy locks, rainbows or pastels is growing day by day. If you are a big fan of supernatural looks here are the best pastel hair colors for summer 2017. You haven’t chosen your hair color yet? Well, let’s do it together! You just need to scroll down to see the most striking hair colors ever. Just keep in your mind that these shades can be applied only after pre-lightening or bleaching your locks. If you are a natural blonde you can skip this part.Pastel Hair Colors for Summer 2017Silver Hair Color

Instagram proves that silver or granny hair still reigns. The color gets a modern update with a metallic tint. The cold color looks stunning in the sunshine and promises a subtle growing out stage as it flatters natural blonde or brown hair. Well, ask your colorist to use products that have been formulated for silver hair. Don’t forget to ask for recommendations on how to maintain your high-maintenance color.Silver Hair ColorRainbow Hair Color

Rainbow hair is difficult to achieve and maintain but this fact hasn’t stopped social media’s beauties from trying rainbow hair. Rainbow-colored locks can be achieved using various techniques. In order to keep the look softer and make it easier for future coloring, colorists recommend going for the pastel version.Rainbow Hair ColorRose Hair Color

Feminine rose hair color came to replace candy pink and fuchsia tones. Rose is somewhere in between blonde and pink shades. With the hint of champagne and peach it has become the trendiest color among fans of pastel hair colors. Rose provides a subtle look that can be easily achieved in the salon by dissolving a red tone and applying it to blonde hair.Rose Hair ColorMauve Hair Color

Mauve hair color is still one of the most popular pastel hair colors. With the help of a mauve shade, your colorist may easily give you that dreamy mermaid hair. This unique hair color compliments silver hair pretty well, so you can even combine these two tones to create a luscious and striking ombre pattern.Mauve Hair ColorBright Green Hair Color

You can draw your green hair color inspiration from Kylie Jenner or Jared Leto. Green hair is totally amazing and eye-catching. Actually it is an effortless shade to get, if course you are a natural blonde otherwise you have to bleach your locks. Ask your hair colorist for the best products to maintain your unnatural hair color. With a green hair color you will definitely blend with the nature.Bright Green Hair Color



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