Top 10 Cute Pastel Shades

Pastel shades will bright up anyone’s look. Since these shades are so popular, all women want to try them out. However they look unnatural and they are more sophisticated than other shades, since you need to bleach your hair to wear a pastel color. There are so many shades to choose from. You can even use your imagination to have the most unique hair color ever, but before that have a look at these pastel shades that I have selected because maybe you will find your favorite style among them.Top 10 Cute Pastel ShadesBlue and Pink Blend

All bright hues are eye-catching but few of them can create a wonderful blend like pink and light blue. These two shades are too adorable and they make the locks on this hairdo look delicate. However you need to bleach your medium-length strands then hand painted these pastel and pink blendViolet Pastel Locks

In this design the thick shoulder-gazing strands have been perfectly trimmed to create a lovely face framing style, but the violet shades is what makes it stand out. You want to grab attention; this look will definitely help you to do that.Violet Pastel LocksHand Painted Lilac

If you have tried all standard pastel shades and you want to have something new then consider this lilac shade. The dusty lilac makes the long textured strands in this hairstyle look very subtle and gives you a top notch style. Pair it with cool beach waves to bring out the beauty of the shade.Hand Painted LilacPink with Grayish Blue Ombre

The mix of dark shades of pink on this design is astounding. This color blend is unique since the majority part of ladies uses the bright tones of pink. It also involves the grayish blue streaks that help to give the strands extra dimension and depth. To replicate the style you need to pull your strands back and weave them into a simple braid.Pink with Grayish Blue OmbreBalayage Ombre Waves

As you see the things are getting hotter. Here the haircut is incredible and it will make any leady look stylish. These shoulder-length locks have some nice blunt chops but the hand painted hues in ombre design is what creates an ultra-feminine style.  Balayage Ombre WavesMint Green Tone

If you think that bright shades are not for you, consider this mint green tone. Mint tones are great for all ladies since they flatter almost all skin complexions and hair types. This mint green with a hint of gray and the side swept design will help you to create an elegant style.  Mint Green TonePink Peek a Boo Highlights

Pink is a versatile shade that can be combined with numerous dark and light tones. These strands have a light blonde shade and some pink streaks that have been done in a peek a boo design. This color blend makes the short bob cut look fabulous.Pink Peek a Boo HighlightsViolet and Silver Fishtail Braid

With pastel shades you can make sure to have a unique hairdo that draws attention. In this style the violet and silver hues perfectly melt into each other to create a subtle design. The side fishtail is also an important element that helps to showcase the beauty of the shades.Violet and Silver Fishtail BraidMetal Ombre

The color choice is pretty important and the coloring technique is what takes this style into a different level. Three tones look fantastic in ombre pattern. The black base transits into a light brown with some purple tips and makes the wearer stand out.metal-ombreLight Purple Strands

Here the strands are astounding due to a perfect tone and the best thing is that you can also have this shade. You need to bleach your strands and finish with a light purple dye job.  A good texture of the locks gives the style a fabulous look.Light Purple Strands



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