Dark Hair Colors 2017

Light and Dark Ash Blonde Hair Colors for 2017

Still wondering how to get a perfect ash blonde hair? Well you don’t need to worry anymore since you have just come to the right place. In this article I will be taking you through the most gorgeous ideas worth pairing with your ashy blonde hair color. These techniques are simple yet stylish that will make you look stunning and also require less money and time. Read on and explore 2017 ash blonde hair color ideas, I hope you will be lucky enough to get your match.Light and Dark Ash Blonde Hair Colors for 2017Gray Toned Sombre

Are you ready to transform your long wavy tresses into something softer and more subtle? Well, this hairstyle technique may be inspiring for you. The sombre or soft ombre is used to give your layered locks a subtle and refined look. The base has an ashy blonde shade that transforms to a gray tone from mid shaft. It is the best way to add some light colors to your hair. Make sure that you have light skin since it creates a perfect match only with light complexion.

Sparkling Dark Blue Hair Color for 2017

If you are in love with blue particularly with dark shades of blue then this look is definitely for you. Blue color is associated with calmness because it reminds us of limitless open skies and warm sunny shorelines. Sophisticated dark blue color involves some adorable shades such as royal blue, navy-blue, cobalt which look gorgeous when paired with other dark or light blues and pastel hues. The most popular combination is black and blue shades that are used to create a beautiful ombre. Check out these sparkling dark blue hair colors for 2017 and get inspired from.Sparkling Dark Blue Hair Color for 2017Dark Blue Hair

To create this dynamic blue headdress you need to ask your hairstylist for a combination of turquoise, gray and blue strips over a base of deep cobalt. The color has been done in layers using our favorite hand painting technique which helps the shades blend into each other smoothly. The messy locks form a beautiful updo which can be worn both casually and formally.

2017 Best Hair Colors for Dark Ombre Hair

You might have your own opinion about dark ombre hair but the majority part of females finds it pretty cool. By the way are they really worth your time and efforts? Well, some of them require long hours and it only make sense when you appear with something that make you stand out. I have done my own research and came up with 2017 hair colors for dark ombre that might be a fantastic match for you. Read more and discover more!2017 Best Hair Colors for Dark Ombre HairChocolate Sombre

In this design you can see the appealing look of a soft ombre style. The natural black hair in this lob cut is paired with balayage highlights of blonde. There are hair sections on the top that fall naturally to the sides. Subtle twists and waves are added to take the elegance of this hair a step higher. This feminine hairstyle will keep you in the center of attention and make you feel more self-confident.

Dazzling Silver Ombre for 2017

Superb ombre hair looks gilt and nearly metallic and it is the latest trend of ever-changing hair coloring scene. Ombre is a typical coloring method but it can make you look unique due to the various shades and silver is a perfect one because it is not as common as blonde or brown. Apart of all, it is a unique shade that you can combine with almost any hue to create a mind-blowing look. It looks great on any hair length and so if you are searching for something elegant and chic then check out 2017 silver ombre.Dazzling Silver Ombre for 2017Dark Brown into Silver

Silver or grey is an adorable shade and it goes well with most colors according to how bright or dark they are. In this style everything starts with a lovely natural brown shade and then blends with a fabulous silver to get an amazing contrast. These shades create a striking dimensional look that is enhanced by an incredible choppy haircut and then styled into long waves.

Dark Red Hair Color for 2017

Actually dark red hair is a subtler version of auburn or red wine tones. It holds a rich dark shade that helps you add some texture and thickness to your hair. The color comes in different designs to ensure you don’t have that monotone look. It is a perfect color for coming fall and winter seasons. Dark red doesn’t involve as much brightness as other shades of red. Watch these dark red hair colors for 2017 and get inspired.dark red hair color for 2017Burgundy Hair

This style displays a magical color transition that looks simple gorgeous. It requires a balayage technique that involves highlights of purple and dark red lowlights. The locks have been styled in a wonderful way to makes it airy and lighter for enhanced natural movement. These shades totally compliment medium-length hair and serve as a great accessory.

Top 10 Sombre Hair Color Ideas

Sombre hair is salvation for all ladies out there who don’t like drastic changes from a dark to bright color in a regular ombre. It is an attractive color technique that the most of ladies confuse with ombre. If you want to get the best effect you need to understand the difference between these two techniques. Well, ombre requires dark roots that perfectly blend into a lighter shade while sombre has soft and subtle change between the tones to have a more natural-looking appearance. In sombre the tips of hair are always light.Top 10 Sombre Hair Color IdeasDimensional and Straight Ombre

It is not necessary to keep a long and straight dull hair because you can use some colors to give your strands some dimension like you see here. Once you chop off the ends of your locks consider darken the roots of the blonde locks with a dark brown hue to create a soft ombre.

2017 Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

 Blonde tints are gorgeous on any shape. When it comes to blonde you need to consider some factors before going for it. Some women don’t go blonde because of frequent root touch ups. It is not a big deal anymore because you don’t really need to hide the grown out dark portions on your hair. This concern is no longer taboo so you don’t need to conceal them. In fact dark roots paired with blonde shade are acceptable everywhere. We are going to offer you 2017 blonde hair color with dark roots that will help you to look sassy but well-groomed until the next hair color treatment.blonde hair with dark roots for 2017The two-tone trend makes dark roots in blonde hair completely acceptable. Maybe several years ago it was not OK to show hair near the roots which have grown out in a different color, but nowadays it is considered to be a trendy style. This fact made two-toned hair colors a popular choice for those who don’t want to tint their hair frequently. I assure you this ombre will look great until the next hair color treatment.

Burgundy Hair Color For 2017

Burgundy offers the most incredible shades which will help you to make a new statement. Versatile burgundy comes in various tones: from dark and subtle to more vibrant and bright. Actually burgundy shade belongs to the family of red color that involves some purple tints. The effect of burgundy depends on the base of your natural hair. It is going to be a perfect offer for dark-haired women who want to add depth and dimension to their locks. In case if you plan to play with this dark shade, check out 2017 burgundy hair color ideas and find an inspiration for you.burgundy hair color for 2017Burgundy Hair Color for Dark Hair

If you have dark brown or black hair it will not be easy to achieve burgundy shade because it has a tendency to come out too subtle on dark hair. Girls face with this problem particularly when they use a shop bought hair dyes. There is no need to light up your hair before wearing this shade because bleaching will make you end up as a blonde and your burgundy will turn into a violet or purple hue.

Delicious Chocolate Brown Hair

Tasteful chocolate is now worn in the hair too. It is not a new trend but it is among the most popular ones. Generally all shades of brown are pretty eye-catching and capturing. The best thing about brown hues is that they are the most natural-looking shades, included chocolate brown. All hairstyles look incredibly attractive on chocolate mane. This trend is meant to be ultra-soft and super-feminine. Being the color of the season chocolate brown has already managed to be spotted on many celebrities.Delicious Chocolate Brown HairExtra Dark Chocolate Brown Hair

Since dark chocolate contains a huge amount of cacao, it appears dark and sometimes it is almost undistinguished from black. You can only notice the brown shade when you look more closely. Anyway it is more than obvious that dark chocolate brown is the most natural brown shade. Hairstylists recommend wearing this shade either on short or medium-length hair.

10 Gorgeous Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

When you check out these gorgeous hair colors for brunettes you will definitely change your opinion about brunette shades. According to the colorists the best shades of brown and black right now are natural. It is about enhancing your look without going for extremes.  10 Gorgeous Hair Color Ideas for BrunettesBeachy brown: this sandy brown shade goes really well with short and medium-length haircut because it makes the face appear softer. This model’s hair has been dyed two or three shades lighter than her natural color and paired with highlights. It is so finely done that even if her hair roots grow out she doesn’t need to go for touch ups. Those who have wispy cut should avoid going too light otherwise their hair ends will appear thinner.