Hair Color Trends 2017

Hairstyles with Highlights and Lowlights for 2017

Who doesn’t know about the power of lowlights and highlights? These two patterns are the best way of coloring your strands. They give you that opportunity to brighten up your locks or to make them a few tones darker without going for drastic changes- fascinating idea, isn’t it?  Make your strands bright or dark two tone down to your natural shade. There are many other designs that you can create with these dye techniques and you are free to use any shade you want to have a unique look. Here I have selected some examples how you can use 2017 lowlights or highlights to enhance your look.Hairstyles with Highlights and Lowlights for 2017Brown and Blonde Hair Blend

This style provides you with alternative way of coloring your brown or blonde strands. A perfect blend of these two shades creates beautiful sparkles throughout your hair. The locks are very smooth and stick-straight. With a brush back style it’s going to be “wow”. Anyways it is the best way to show off the alluring color melt.

Different Shades of Brown for 2017

That’s true that red and blonde colors get lots of attention but today we are going to offer some shades for our attractive brunettes. There are various hues of brown to choose from-from light to dark hues. To make your brown shade even more interesting you can match it with red, orange or copper tones.  If you are looking for some inspiration then check out these eye catching pictures of 2017 brown hair color.Unique Shades of Brown for 2017Walnut Brown

Dark-haired ladies would like to create a smooth brunette style with the help of stylish hair colors. For example, in this design the smoothness comes from walnut and chocolate brown shades which perfectly melt together. The dark rosewood brown is used to add an extra depth to the locks.

2017 Black Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Black is a classic and fantastic hair color that can be successfully paired with many other shades. The best thing about this natural-looking hair color is that it flatters almost all skin complexions. If you find it boring to have a black hair color all over, then ombre is the best solution because you can choose the amount of dark and light shades you desire to add, you can even experiment with pastel shades. If you need some inspiration then have a look at 2017 black ombre hair color ideas and get inspired from.   2017 Black Ombre Hair Color Ideas Cocoa Coffee Hair

This is a typical black ombre that involves an espresso hue and smooth streaks of warm cocoa. Some deep golden brown babylights have been professionally placed at the tips of the strands. Babylights take away the heaviness caused by dark colors. A simple wavy texture completes this hairstyle and the locks have been gently brushed back.

Trendy Two-Tone Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Women with two or more tone hair can be confident about their stylish look. Solo colors are still available for all but if you are looking for something unique, you can incorporate some highlights or some soft shades in an ombre or sombre. Two-tones on your hairdo allow having a well-detailed haircut and it ensures that your strands don’t look dull. Apart from this, sometimes it is not really easy to commit between several shades, because you cannot be certain what will work for you before you try it. I have selected 2017 two-tone hair color ideas have a look and get inspired from it.trendy-two-tone-hair-color-ideas-for-2017Black and White Contrast

It is very important how you will use your two tones, because you can look great if you dye the hues in a right way. In this style the colors are simple yet attractive that involves portioning the strands into two lengthwise. You need then to split a light blonde shade on one part and maintain a black shade on the other to create an outstanding contrast. The locks are styled into cool curls that provide with lots of texture.

2017 Light Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Blonde is a universal color that comes in many shades and shapes. To choose the best from numerous hues is not so easy. Some common shades of blonde include buttery, sandy, icy, and platinum. Among all blonde shades you need to find something that flatters your skin tone and brings out only the beauty in you. Light blonde hair is also a fantastic canvas that allows you to go for various experiments. Check out the following variations of 2017 light blonde hair color ideas and get inspired from.2017 Light Blonde Hair Color IdeasSubtle Platinum Lob

The ethereal and graceful platinum blonde hue exudes a radiant glow in natural light. This luscious hairstyle has been given some extra dimension and texture using soft waves. The platinum tone is great for fair skin complexion and when paired with soft texture of long bob, the result is a breathtaking look.

Red Violet Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Red violet hair color is fantastic for a woman who wants to introduce something new to her hair.  This color mix is not so common, so you have a unique chance to stand out. As the name suggests the color is the mix of red and violet and it involves the elements of both. This hair tone features the brightness and the hotness of red and the royalty of violet. There are various techniques to dye this gorgeous tone. To create a striking appearance I have selected 2017 red violet hair color ideas that are simply fascinating.Red Violet Hair Color Ideas for 2017Dark Plum Hair

The hair has a dark tone that happens from using balayage technique to paint the violet and red hues on the black hair. The dark base is more than visible particularly in the roots, so the red violet color mix gives it a slight boost. The burgundy shade has been added to get a rich beauty design.

Sweet Pink Ombre Hair for 2017

Pink ombre hair is considered one of the sexiest and hottest color trends of the season. The vibrant and reviving look provided by this style has made it a top choice among millions of women around the world. Pink ombre hair comes in various styles, so today I am going to explore some different options that you can experiment with. Below are top ideas of pink ombre 2017 that will help you rock a low maintenance look without much ombre for 2017Pinkish Coral Ombre

Long dark roots can look romantic as the style works with many faces and textures. To avoid having a monotone color you can revamp your look by pairing the dark roots with baby pinkish tone on the extensions. The locks are curled to have a delicious look that makes you even want to lick them. This is a pretty design that is not dream anymore.

Mermaid Hair Color Ideas

Mermaid hair has always fetched attention and been a fashionable trend; however it was popularized over the last couple of years. Mermaid hairdo is all about colors and it involves bright pastel shades to create an attractive look that features imaginary mermaids. Any woman can pull off these stylish hues regardless of the type and length of the hair. However the coloring technique and the color combination are also crucial, if you want to get it right.mermaid hair color ideasPastel Blue Ombre Hair

There is a beautiful contrast between blonde and blue hues is incredible and it makes the long curly hair look eye-catching. These shades have been professionally hand-painted and to replicate this style you need to start with a blonde base and then transform into the magical blue shade to create your ombre pattern. Apart from the curls and the shades it also has a lovely floral crown that enhances the look.

Maroon Hair Color Ideas for 2017

The popularity of maroon hair color has grown over the past few years. It has become the favorite color choice of many, from ordinary people to the housewives. You can’t miss it, since it’s a shade that brings out the beauty in you and takes gorgeous looks to a top-notch. It works well with many color combinations to give the best to any hairstyle. I have done my own research to provide you with the latest 2017 maroon hair color ideas. Read more to know what I have in store for you.maroon hair color ideas for 2017Bright Maroon Hair Color

Not only wavy but also straight hair is the best way to achieve a trendy look in a lob hairstyle. It can be textured and matched with a hair color. It is a simple and elegant choice for a bold woman. In this design the maroon shade is very bright. If you are looking for a bright shade then this is what you are need.

Flamboyage: New Coloring Technique for 2017

If you have made up your mind about your next hair highlights then you need to consider the technique of getting them too. Day by the colorists come up with a new technique of upgrading your hair color and embracing your natural texture. Recently we introduced you the latest hair coloring trends such as ombre, sombre, balayage foilyage and finally today we have appeared with a completely new flamboyage highlighting technique for 2017.flamboyage-new-coloring-technique-for-2017 Many of the techniques out there are costly and time-consuming. So what is the main difference between these methods of highlighting? In our article you will find the answer of your question and also know more about the flamboyage technique.The colorists recommend making a clean plan of what you are going to get, what kind of effect it will have on your hair and also the maintenance. So let’s start from flamboyage which is gaining popularity.