Hair Color Trends 2017

Mermaid Hair Color Ideas

Mermaid hair has always fetched attention and been a fashionable trend; however it was popularized over the last couple of years. Mermaid hairdo is all about colors and it involves bright pastel shades to create an attractive look that features imaginary mermaids. Any woman can pull off these stylish hues regardless of the type and length of the hair. However the coloring technique and the color combination are also crucial, if you want to get it right.mermaid hair color ideasPastel Blue Ombre Hair

There is a beautiful contrast between blonde and blue hues is incredible and it makes the long curly hair look eye-catching. These shades have been professionally hand-painted and to replicate this style you need to start with a blonde base and then transform into the magical blue shade to create your ombre pattern. Apart from the curls and the shades it also has a lovely floral crown that enhances the look.

Maroon Hair Color Ideas for 2017

The popularity of maroon hair color has grown over the past few years. It has become the favorite color choice of many, from ordinary people to the housewives. You can’t miss it, since it’s a shade that brings out the beauty in you and takes gorgeous looks to a top-notch. It works well with many color combinations to give the best to any hairstyle. I have done my own research to provide you with the latest 2017 maroon hair color ideas. Read more to know what I have in store for you.maroon hair color ideas for 2017Bright Maroon Hair Color

Not only wavy but also straight hair is the best way to achieve a trendy look in a lob hairstyle. It can be textured and matched with a hair color. It is a simple and elegant choice for a bold woman. In this design the maroon shade is very bright. If you are looking for a bright shade then this is what you are need.

Flamboyage: New Coloring Technique for 2017

If you have made up your mind about your next hair highlights then you need to consider the technique of getting them too. Day by the colorists come up with a new technique of upgrading your hair color and embracing your natural texture. Recently we introduced you the latest hair coloring trends such as ombre, sombre, balayage foilyage and finally today we have appeared with a completely new flamboyage highlighting technique for 2017.flamboyage-new-coloring-technique-for-2017 Many of the techniques out there are costly and time-consuming. So what is the main difference between these methods of highlighting? In our article you will find the answer of your question and also know more about the flamboyage technique.The colorists recommend making a clean plan of what you are going to get, what kind of effect it will have on your hair and also the maintenance. So let’s start from flamboyage which is gaining popularity.

Snowlight Hair Highlights for 2017

Women with color-treated hair switch up their hair color according to the season. Warmer and brighter shades feature summer fervor; however ashier tones look better for the winter months. Once the celebrities’ popular colorist has mentioned that the bright shades can be worn in the winter too and it is all about you preferences. So, light-haired babes don’t need to go darker because of the season. Well, the color can be introduced all over your head, or partly, in ombre pattern or in highlighted style. Today I am going to represent you the biggest trend of 2017 snowlights hair highlights. Like many wearers you will also be fascinated by these feminine whitish streaks.Snowlight Hair Highlights for 2017There is a new way to embrace your locks and it has some unusual name-the color trend is known as “snowlights”, and it is sure to be the most favorites in this winter. This dye job has been offered by Hare and Bone solon in London. Blogger Chrissabella was the first rocker of this beautiful hair highlights and after documenting it on her site the trend got more popularity.

Layage: The Hottest Trend of 2017

Layage is the hottest trend of the season? Whether you need to say goodbye to balayage? Well, I don’t think, but you should know about this new technique too. It is a low-maintenance highlighting technique that requires separating the locks into sections and introducing the color onto strands using a delicate brush. The effect is similar to balayage however the layage is all about the technique. Just like many other techniques layage also can be considered as upgraded version of balayage. 2017 layage hairstyles look ultra-feminine, just check them out right now and get idea about having your hair layage done.the-hottest-trend-of-2017Compared with balayage the layage is a technique where the colorist freehand paints strands of color to create a harmonious blend of tones that add some dimension and dept to your hair. Unlike balayage this design is being created on a special crafted table which gives the colorist maximum control over how to apply the dye throughout strands. Layage allows you to see every strand of hair more clearly and provide with more accurate hair coloring technique.

Creative Peek a Boo Highlights for 2017

Whenever you want to have a revolutionary hairstyle you should consider peek a boo hair highlights. They are trendy and easy to pull off and you don’t need to struggle to look perfect for any occasion. If you don’t know how to start and how to use these incredible hair highlights then have a look at 2017  peek  a boo hair highlights and get inspired from.creative-peek-a-boo-highlights-for-2017Red Peek a Boo Highlights on Blonde

You shouldn’t miss your chance to have some brighter sparkle in your hair. If you don’t want it to be the basic part of your hair, you can have it done under your chic blonde with a popup glitter just like the one you see here. Red or pink shade can be the best option for blonde hair.

Sweet Honey Brown Hair for 2017

Honey brown shade appears from blending different tones of brown and it is a well-defined hue that can be used to make your strands more stunning. Just like other shades of brown this one is also very easy to achieve. It seems females with a light complexion prefer it; however this lovely shade can work with the most other skin tones. You can get it in balayage, ombre or sombre style by pairing it with different shades. If you don’t know how to use the color then you need to go through our article and check out 2017 honey blonde hair color ideas.Sweet Honey Brown Hair for 2017Light Brown Highlights

Highlights provide you an easy way to wear your lovely shade without having to use too much color. This style is all about highlights and it requires painting some streaks on a brown base to create a sassy look. The medium-length hair also has a simple but attractive styling that involves layering them slightly.

Hair Highlights for Black Hair for 2017

Probably the black hair is the easiest base color since it works well with many other shades. Be that bright or dark hue there is an option to choose from but just like any hair highlight you have to pick up something that flatters your skin complexion. Apart from this you need to use the details which will make your highlighted hair look neat and natural. Regardless of your personal preferences the following 2017 highlights for black hair will give you some idea on what you can do with your natural dark hair.Hair Highlights for Black Hair for 2017Soft Streaks for Straight Hair  

Straight hair is a great canvas to add some colors to your style as it will make the hues more visible than any other hairstyle. In this design a soft shade of brown is blended on the black hair to create some stunning streaks. The gloss on the design and the neat side sweep styling also help to upgrade the overall look.   

Black-Cherry Hair Color Ideas for 2017

All black-cherry shades are great and will help you to create a refined look. Since hair coloring is super trendy, new shades are continue coming up and blowing our minds. Black-cherry shade is fantastic for ladies who think that there is nothing better than dark shades. Black-cherry tone is pretty easy to get and you can achieve it using foils or balayage technique. Before making your plans about this color mix, just have a look at 2017 black cherry hair color ideas and get new ideas.Black Cherry Hair Color Ideas for 2017Black Cherry Peek a Boo Hair

The shine of this style is simply stunning and it shows how healthy your locks are. The color is gorgeously paired with a lovely peek-a-boo shade. The design wouldn’t be so luxurious without textured curls. It is style that is going to work for all brunettes plus if you have dark natural hair then you will easily achieve it.

Dark Auburn Hair Colors for 2017

Dark auburn hair color is too elegant and it is fantastic when you want to dye your hair into a unique tone. It involves the warmth of a dark tone and the beauty of other bright tones and it makes the color a perfect choice for every woman. The only disadvantage with this shade is that it is not very common and so most ladies may not know how to use it to create a well-defined look. The 2017 dark auburn hair colors below will make you believe that you need to rock this beautiful hue.Dark Auburn Hair Colors for 2017Dark Auburn Locks

A good texture may be the best way to upgrade your hair design and provide you with a more stunning look. Due to the texture the style looks fresh however in this picture the strands have a subtle warm shade with a tone of rich red and this combination makes the texture of the locks appear more detailed. This style is great for those who are totally in dark shades.