Pastel Colors

Stunning Blue and Purple Hair Colors for 2017

Blue and purple hair color isn’t just about combining these two tones together. Blue and purple shades have many sub-tones that make a wonderful combination. These tints provide a blend that makes your look vibrant and unique with a touch of royalty. Who said that pulling off a purple blue hair color has to be difficult? It mostly depends on your natural hair color – the lighter the easier. However to keep you updated, I have selected some inspirational ideas of blue purple hair colors for 2017. Just check them out because you may want to try one of these styles.Stunning Blue and Purple Hair Colors for 2017Blue and Purple Ombre

This is an amazing hair color that will definitely set you apart from the others. The color comes from blending dark midnight blue with a purple shade. Since the hues are on the dark spectrum, they look really well together. Give your locks some waves to showcase the spiffy transformation from one color to another. Wanted to stand out? Adopt this style!

Icy-Light Blue Hair Colors

There are really numerous hair colors to choose from. It is not only about blondes, reds, and browns it’s also about vibrant shades. It is the highest moment to embrace different rainbow shades for a really creative and unique look. When talking about rainbow hues the first shades that come in our mind are purples, pinks, and blues. Blue is unnatural tint but it symbolizes tranquility and calmness. Blue always reminds us of skies and oceans. However there is something irresistible about light blue hair color. It is a shade to add some cool vibes to your look. If you are not sure about going for aqua hair, check out these icy-light blue hair colors.Icy-Light Blue Hair ColorsAqua and Light Blue

This two-tone hair color reminds us of unreal creatures leaving under the sea. The mix of bright blue hair hues create subtle and delicate ends that don’t require any fancy styling to look stunning. The wavy texture will enhance the look of your color while giving you a head-turner hairstyle. Well, it is a high-maintenance look that requires frequent touchups.

Pastel Two-Tone Hair Colors for 2017

Any woman wearing two tone hair color can be confident about having a modern and stylish look. Two-tone hair color trend allows you to choose your favorite color combination. Having two different shades on your hairdo also helps make your haircut and hairstyle more detailed. This hair trend ensures you that your strands will never look dull or plain. However sometimes it is pretty hard to decide what hues to use because you can be certain what will really work for you. Since pastels are totally in mainstream, I have selected pastel two-tone hair colors for 2017.Pastel Two Tone Hair Color for 2017Purple and Grey Hair Color

In this particular design, it is hard to tell which one is the base color, but it is not important since being able to re-create it is what matters. It is possible to achieve this look using both balayage and foils and the main idea is to spread both colors throughout your head to create a head-turner hairstyle. Once you have colors you will also need to comb your strands back to finish the style.

Sweet Mint Green Hair Ideas

Cotton candy hair colors are still our favorite options for upcoming seasons. Some women still desire to pull off pink, purple and other sweet shades. Well, today we have decided to represent another yummy hair color- mint green hair. Mint green is a cool, refreshing hue that is great for warmer seasons of the year. Anyway, check out these incredible mint green hair ideas, maybe you will want to go green right now. If you have light base then you will easily achieve it otherwise you will need to bleach your strands.Sweet Mint Green Hair IdeasMint Green Hair with Dark Roots

Here is a multi-shaded pastel turquoise hair that creates an incredible hairdo. These pastels have been combined with darker roots to provide with a better look. It is a great option for brunettes who don’t want to go for all over pastels. However these hues look cooler when worn with an equally cool hairdo such as braided messy buns.

Dreamy Rainbow Balayage Hair for 2017

Well, when the hair colorists represented us the balayage dye technique we never wanted to look back. This technique requires painting color onto your hair and it is the most low-maintenance way to achieve sun-kissed strands. Balayage is used to provide with a natural looking appearance but now it should definitely be in your rainbow arsenal as well. Below you will see some dreamy rainbow balayage hair colors for 2017 that involve a perfect blend of balayage and rich, vibrant hues.Dreamy Rainbow Balayage Hair for 2017Warm-Toned Balayage

This incredible hairstyle is a result of balayage technique. Well, just because you hair has got some color doesn’t mean it can’t be understated. Just try to tone down your unicorn hair with a warm-toned balayage style and the result will be incredible. It is a color combo to stand out in the crowd and make a fashion statement. Style your strands in waves to show off this chic color mix.

Top 5 Pink Hair Color Ideas

We all love pink hairstyles and they are pretty popular. Nowadays you don’t need to worry about wearing unconventional shades since they have become as common as solid ones. Pink hair can be rocked in various ways. You can introduce some pink highlights throughout your strands and achieve a “Barbie Doll” look. Pink in highlights can make a really different impression. This jewel shade is being perfectly paired with other hues too. Go through our article and explore some genuine ideas for pink hair.Top 5 Pink Hair Color IdeasPurple and Pink Ombre

It is more than clear that ombre patterns involve more than two colors and pink ombre is not an exception too. It will be better to opt for the colors from the same color family although pink looks good with natural shades too. This purple and pink ombre is simply outstanding. It requires transitioning purple shade into pink. Brushed out curls are fantastic to bring out the beauty shades.

Different Ways To Rock Green Hair in 2017

In hair trends boundaries are becoming wider and wider. It is the best moment to think out of the box and go for unconventional colors. Experimentation with such colors is at its peak and these shades are becoming as common as classic hair colors (blonde, brown, black). Have you ever thought of wearing green hair? Well, it is a hot trend right now and you can rock this shade in various ways. Green highlights look fantastic when paired with a natural colored base and green ombre is incredible as well.  Feel free to pair this unnatural shade with other pastel hues. Now have a look at the pictures of green hair for 2017 and get inspired from.Different Ways To Rock Green Hair in 2017Lime Green Highlights

Give a cool vibe to your black or brown hair by adding some lime green streaks to it! Lime green sections will perfectly blend with your natural dark hair and make the color transition flawless. Just make sure you are using the right hair products to protect your black and green color and your hair. This color combo looks great on any hair length so feel free to wear it either on your sort or long strands.

Soft Mermaid Hair Color Ideas for 2017

There is a mermaid look made for you regardless of your natural texture, hair color and skin tone. Well, you can pick contrasting shades or go colors that are from the same color family. Finally you can fulfill your dream and tailor the most unexpected and crazy shades right on your head. Expertly dyed mermaid hair is a matter of discussion. Below you will find some delicate versions of multi-tone pastels that are pretty inspiring. If you are ready then let’s move on and see the softest mermaid hair color ideas for 2017.Soft Mermaid Hair Color Ideas for 2017Rainbow Hair

The overall success of this look is based on a few key elements. Well, the hair has been dyed darker at the top. The colorist used various contrasting color and the grey tips perfectly tie all the shades together. However you can get this look in several ways: temporary hair dyes are great options they don’t damage the strands plus after washing your strands the rainbow shades will go away. Of course you can use preeminent dyes too but the risk is high so it will be better to consult with your colorist.

Teal Hair Colors for Blondes and Brunettes for 2017

2017 teal hair colors for blondes and brunettes are the most appealing and versatile among all those pastel hues. Like other pastel shades teal also requires much care and regular touchups. Since the strands are getting brighter and brighter, you should consider having some blue and green hints throughout your strands. The sheen of teal hair colors will make your headdress even more stunning and eye-catching. In case if you are looking for some inspo, below you will find interesting ideas of pulling off teal hair colors. The best thing about it is that this shade works well both for brunettes and blondes.Teal Hair Colors for Blondes and Brunettes for 2017Gorgeous Blue Melt

Rock the hottest hair trends of the season by applying a teal color melt look.  The dynamic blue hue will definitely shake the thing up. Your long strands will show off the maximum beauty provided by this technique. The only thing to worry is to find a good hair colorist who can perfectly blend the hues to get what you see here. Finish your look by adding some gorgeous waves to your strands.

Rainbow Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Today you should prepare yourself for some ridiculously gorgeous shades. These rainbow hair color ideas for 2017 are not for all ladies since they have a bold and edgy nature. The bright shades of your strands will make people take a second glance. If you are brave enough to experiment with these tints then you will have the hottest look around. There are many ways to play with these tones; you can use both permanent and temporary hair dyeing products. However, we have decided to encourage you and show off some models who perfectly demonstrate rainbow hues.Rainbow Hair Color Ideas for 2017Colorful Strips

This hairstyle is great for all fun natured ladies. It has vertical colorful lines that make it stunning and breathtaking. The bright strips look fantastic particularly on short bob cut. To achieve a look like this you hair colorist will need to use foils to apply the colors. However, if you are not ready to wear rainbow hair for months, you can use hair chalks and the colors will easily go away after washing your strands.