Pastel Colors

Soft Mermaid Hair Color Ideas for 2017

There is a mermaid look made for you regardless of your natural texture, hair color and skin tone. Well, you can pick contrasting shades or go colors that are from the same color family. Finally you can fulfill your dream and tailor the most unexpected and crazy shades right on your head. Expertly dyed mermaid hair is a matter of discussion. Below you will find some delicate versions of multi-tone pastels that are pretty inspiring. If you are ready then let’s move on and see the softest mermaid hair color ideas for 2017.Soft Mermaid Hair Color Ideas for 2017Rainbow Hair

The overall success of this look is based on a few key elements. Well, the hair has been dyed darker at the top. The colorist used various contrasting color and the grey tips perfectly tie all the shades together. However you can get this look in several ways: temporary hair dyes are great options they don’t damage the strands plus after washing your strands the rainbow shades will go away. Of course you can use preeminent dyes too but the risk is high so it will be better to consult with your colorist.

Teal Hair Colors for Blondes and Brunettes for 2017

2017 teal hair colors for blondes and brunettes are the most appealing and versatile among all those pastel hues. Like other pastel shades teal also requires much care and regular touchups. Since the strands are getting brighter and brighter, you should consider having some blue and green hints throughout your strands. The sheen of teal hair colors will make your headdress even more stunning and eye-catching. In case if you are looking for some inspo, below you will find interesting ideas of pulling off teal hair colors. The best thing about it is that this shade works well both for brunettes and blondes.Teal Hair Colors for Blondes and Brunettes for 2017Gorgeous Blue Melt

Rock the hottest hair trends of the season by applying a teal color melt look.  The dynamic blue hue will definitely shake the thing up. Your long strands will show off the maximum beauty provided by this technique. The only thing to worry is to find a good hair colorist who can perfectly blend the hues to get what you see here. Finish your look by adding some gorgeous waves to your strands.

Rainbow Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Today you should prepare yourself for some ridiculously gorgeous shades. These rainbow hair color ideas for 2017 are not for all ladies since they have a bold and edgy nature. The bright shades of your strands will make people take a second glance. If you are brave enough to experiment with these tints then you will have the hottest look around. There are many ways to play with these tones; you can use both permanent and temporary hair dyeing products. However, we have decided to encourage you and show off some models who perfectly demonstrate rainbow hues.Rainbow Hair Color Ideas for 2017Colorful Strips

This hairstyle is great for all fun natured ladies. It has vertical colorful lines that make it stunning and breathtaking. The bright strips look fantastic particularly on short bob cut. To achieve a look like this you hair colorist will need to use foils to apply the colors. However, if you are not ready to wear rainbow hair for months, you can use hair chalks and the colors will easily go away after washing your strands.  

Rainbow Roots: New Trend for 2017

“New day, new color” if you like to play this game, then you will also like the hair trend that I am going to represent you. This new hair color trend for 2017 is all about rainbow roots. Whether you believe or not but it doesn’t require full coloring, since you just need to tint the roots. There are various options to go for: if you are a bold girl, then adding different shades of rainbow at the same time will be pretty exciting. The color of the roots and the rest of hair will create a beautiful contrast and grace you with a unique hairdo.Rainbow Roots New Trend for 2017Blonde Hair with Pink Roots

If you have decided to upgrade your platinum blonde locks with pastel hues, then be careful about the choice of pastels, since not all tones work well with blonde. Actually the colorists recommend going for light pastel like the one you see here. The pink roots and platinum blonde create a gorgeous contrast and make the wearer stand out. With these incredible roots you will never go wrong.

Neon Hair Color Ideas

If you have always looked for an eye popping and attention grabbing unique hair color then you will like these incredible neon hair color ideas. These tones are meant to make a bold statement since they are very bright. Thus I am going to take you in a journey through the craziest and wildest hair colors you wish you had. If you are lucky enough to get these hair colors, just know that they require lots of bleaching.Neon Hair Color Ideas Neon Red

There is nothing crazier than a fire engine red hair color. Maybe that’s why many popular celebrities have already experimented with it. If you want this color for yourself then keep in your mind that red is one of the hardest hues to maintain, since it fades quickly. A bright red is a great start for people who want to try out a unique hair color, since it is not completely unnatural particularly if you are a redhead.

Macaron Hair Color Trends

There are so many different things that you can do with hair dye. You have various ways to create a chic and fun look based on your preferences. If you are fun of crazy rainbow shades, then you will like our article about macaron hair color trends. Different colorists call it differently. If macaron name doesn’t say anything maybe “candy unicorn hair” will do. Whatever the name is, these shades are too bright and will immediately make you noticeable. Now check out these pictures and know how to rock macaron hues.Macaron Hair Color TrendsWell, unicorn hair requires seven colors including blue, purple, pink, peach, silver and yellow. No wonder, like many other crazy shades this one also first appeared on Instagram. So unicorn hair was introduced on Gregory’s Instagram page. Once she said that she had an intention to create something a tone-down rainbow. No doubt, it is a delicious look! Pastel shades a tone-down rainbow provide with a stunning and unique look.

Different Shades of Pastel for Your Hair Type

If you are looking for a hair color that will enable you to steal the spotlight then you are in a right place. Today I am going to represent different shades of pastel hair that will make you be admired wherever you go. The vibrant nature of pastel shades makes them a favorite choice among women. You can experiment with various tones and combine them with other radiant hues. If you don’t want to go for a full pastel color, then get it partly in a sombre or ombre pattern.Different Shades of Pastel for your Hair TypeLavender and Ice

Balayage technique can be used to create a smooth blend of shades. This design involves sweet rosewood brown and medium pastel purple on the roots that perfectly blend into an iced lavender hue. The stylist has placed some smoke highlights over the top and styled the hair with a simple center part. Beach waves perfectly demonstrate the beauty of the color blend.

Light Purple Hair Color Ideas

Pastel hair colors are meant to brighten your strands and provide you with a unique look. However, light purple is distinctive pastel shade because it not only gives you an eye-catching design but also makes your look more elegant. You just need to use your imagination and the services of a professional. In all cases your hair type and length will also have a great influence on how you look. Here I have selected light purple hair color ideas to introduce you different ways of rocking this light shade.Light Purple Hair Color IdeasOrchid Pink and Light Purple

Pastel shades are just magnificent and if you use the colors in a right way it will provide you with a unique and stunning look. This style blends pink hue with purple to give a straightforward and adorable hair. Apart from the color, you have to give your strands a lovely chop for some texture and dimension.

Tie-Die Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Today I came up with another die job which provides you with a vibrant rainbow shades. Have you ever searched for a way to fit your hair to a t-shirt? Well, if yes, then you are lucky because the colorists invented the ways to do that. This totally new technique of coloring your strands is inspired from tie-die t-shirts. In modern times you don’t need to remember of those t-shirts you used to wear in school since you can tailor the same shades on your head. Tie-die hair really exists and it is gorgeous, just feast your eyes on the following tie-die hair color ideas for 2017 and get inspired from.tie-die-hair-color-ideas-for-2017The creator of this incredible color technique is the celebrities’ colorist Tanya Ramirez. Thanks to Tanya we can incorporate multiple shades of blue, turquoise and pastel aqua with a simple twist and have an incredible. Unlike traditional ombre or two toned-looks this one comes from spots and horizontal streaks of color giving it a unique appeal. With this shades you will always be noticeable.    

Top 10 Cute Pastel Shades

Pastel shades will bright up anyone’s look. Since these shades are so popular, all women want to try them out. However they look unnatural and they are more sophisticated than other shades, since you need to bleach your hair to wear a pastel color. There are so many shades to choose from. You can even use your imagination to have the most unique hair color ever, but before that have a look at these pastel shades that I have selected because maybe you will find your favorite style among them.Top 10 Cute Pastel ShadesBlue and Pink Blend

All bright hues are eye-catching but few of them can create a wonderful blend like pink and light blue. These two shades are too adorable and they make the locks on this hairdo look delicate. However you need to bleach your medium-length strands then hand painted these pastel shades.